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Healthy Gujia Recipe [Baked Suji Gujiya with Dates by Ravneet Bhalla Sugarfree, No maida]

Wondering how to make baked gujiya without khoya, mawa, maida, mould, sugar, and ghee? Healthy gujia recipe with dates and cashew filling is here so you do not need khoya or mawa to add richness to this healthy indian holi snack recipe in air fryer.  PLEASE ADD 2 GREEN CARDAMOMS TO THE DATES-CASHEW PASTE. healthy gujia recipe baked with semolina and dates paste I have seen my Bengali aunt make holi special gujia multiple times. But I never tried making it at home. I do not know what was stopping me until now to taste or try out gujia. But when the health bug bites you and you ditch all healthy stuff and cooking processes, you want to experiment. You do not hesitate to give healthy colors to traditional snacks that were once maida-fied and deep-fried. Here's to holi this year. Here's to no maida gujiya this year. Here's to sugar-free gujiya. But hey, this healthy baked gujia recipe, which is vegan, uses dates as sweetener, so it is surely not a diabetes-friendly gujia.  Bake

Healthy Osmania Biscuits No Maida [Indian Cookie Recipe No Baking Powder, Soda in Air Fryer]

  I am cookie crazy. This is no secret here, hai na! So here's my attempt at Osmania biscuits without baking powder/soda. I loved these. Do I ever say I did not love any of homemade bikus? Na, because I hate storebought stuff for reasons galore. Maida (all-purpose flour) does not find a place in my kitchen and I have never given it an entry in my home too. Sugar was once my sweet companion but I ditched it 4 years back when I started to realize the benefits of natural sweeteners instead. Here, I reiterate - no sugar does not make a recipe diabetes friendly. Jaggery does not anything perfect for diabetics. This goes for all sweeteners. You ought to be picky when it comes to choosing ingredients for loved ones and clients (of course). Here's my trial at Osmania biscuits. Call these beauties by whatever name you like. These will surely be a pleasing treat at home. Flours: whole wheat Fat: homemade butter Sweetener: Raw cane sugar (this has mineral-rich molasses as opposed to its