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How To Make Besan From Chana Dal at Home Recipe(Chickpea Flour Ready in 90 Minutes in AIRFRYER)

You love chickpea flour and are wondering how to make besan from chana dal at home, right? I never thought besan was such a breeze to process at home until my MIL guided me into the whole process to make besan powder in English. how to make besan from chana dal at home in airfryer If you are unsure where to buy gram flour in lockdown, worry not. You can make your own besan powder at home. This besan from chana dal recipe is easy and the whole process of making besan or gram flour takes 90 minutes from start to finish. Surprised? Well, I have dried buta dali or chana dal in airfryer, which sped up the whole process of making besan at home. Q. how to make besan at home in hindi? Well, besan ghar mein banana bahut asaan hai. Chana dal ko ache se dhona hai. Fir use drain kar lo taki paani nikal jaye. Uske baad airfryer mein 30 minutes taq 160 degree c per heat karo. Fir stir karo and fir se heat karo 30 minutes ke liye.. chana dal sukh gaye hogi. Ab usse thanda karo or mixie mein

Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter Guide India [Ravneet Bhalla Sourdough Starter Series for No Yeast Bread]

Whole wheat sourdough starter guide for Indian audience is here. This is specific to Indian climatic conditions. I AM A NEWBIE, FRIENDS. LEARNING AND EXPERIMENTING. I invited a few sourdough experts to the group a few months back to share their experience with everyone here. The idea was to educate group members about the deep ocean of sourdough so everyone could benefit from natural yeasted breads. But somehow their participation never happened. So I challenged myself to  jump into the sourdough ocean and learn to swim with the waves. In doing so, it was my earnest desire to educate all those who needed to learn about sourdough in the group. Everything happens with a reason, right? Happy that the girls did not accept my invitation to share their knowledge. We are happily and successfully learning how-tos of sourdough.  I am still no expert but experimenting to get it right and share my experience with you all. It's a long journey, friends. Is sourdough healthy? Besides i

Millet Salad Indian Recipe for Weight Loss |FOXTAIL Millet Salad With Chickpeas [Millet Flour Recipes]

Weight loss blues? Millet salad Indian recipe can come in handy as a hearty breakfast or lunch or snack. We enjoy it as breakfast or accompaniment with rice as salad with chickpeas. There's a lot of craze for millets these days. In fact, millets are the next big thing in the food world. But you might be surprised to know that they were always a part of our ancient Indian culture. These tiny grains are a powerhouse of nutrients, as I always say. This heart millet salad with vegetables is my Buddha bowl. Add cucumber and mangoes to make mango salsa that everyone would fall in love with. how to make millet salad for breakfast recipe how to make indian millet salad with chickpeas enjoy warm FOXTAIL Millet Salad With Chickpeas Millets benefit health in more ways than one. They are loaded with fiber, essential minerals, and proteins . Since they are rich in dietary fiber, they are an excellent food for your gut. That also means millets are a digestive aid. Whether you