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Ravneet Bhalla's OIL-FREE lacto-fermented hummus Recipe (Gut-Friendly Vegan chickpea Spread)

  Oil-free hummus and pita bread are a match made in haven. but lacto Fermentation takes this combination to another level. I have been lacto fermenting for some time. Rather, it's been just a couple of months that I started with lacto fermentation. Am I already hooked onto the seamless, effortless ways of making my own probiotics at home? Of course I am! So are you, hai na? After all, if this post has brought you here, that means you are fairly close. We are like-minded and share similar health goals. Let's do it together, friends. Let's see how to make our probiotic gut-friendly hummus recipe in India. lacto fermented hummus recipe indian Can you ferment hummus? Absolutely, you can ferment hummus and enjoy healthy flavorful probiotics with sourdough pita bread. I enjoyed this combination. I am sure you too will relish this fermented hummus. Can you eat fermented chickpeas? I ferment chickpeas and use it as hummus. What does lacto fermented mean? Lacto fermentation is a