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Baking with Oat Flour: Ragi Crackers

ragi crackers Baking cookies at home can be addictive. I have experienced it fully. Ever since I started making cookies at home, I have never looked back. Baking with oat flour is easy if you add the right amount of ingredients. Oatmeal makes a perfect snack when blended with other whole grains. Rich in fiber and calcium, oatmeal and ragi flour make a perfect blend. savory ragi crackers 1 cup- Ragi flour 1/2 cup - wheat flour 3/4 cup - Oats 1 tbsp- curd 5-6 tbsp - chilled water (you may need little more water) 3 tbsp- olive oil (or any vegetable oil) Salt as per taste Red chilly flakes 1 tsp - Roasted flax seed powder (alsi) 1/2 tsp - Sesame seeds (roasted) - optional 1/4tsp- Ajwain/carom seeds 1/2tsp or more- cumin seeds/ jeera 1/2 tsp -Ginger paste 1 fat pinch of baking soda 1 pinch sugar You can add any spices or herbs of your choice Baking with whole Grains Process Preheat the oven for 10 mins at 180 degrees. Roast ragi flour

Tasty Quick Healthy Crackers With Chickpea Flour Gluten Free

healthy crackers with chickpea gluten free Is chickpea flour gluten free? This is one of the most common questions asked today. Ever since gluten was presented as a beast. Well, gluten is not that bad for everyone. It is harmful for only those who suffer from celiac disease or allergies. For everybody else, gluten is safe. gluten free recipe So I have come up with the tastiest and healthiest cracker recipe for those looking for chickpea gluten free snacks. I simply loved the wheat-oat crackers that I prepared a few days back. I have got some amazing reviews on the sesame cracker recipe that I baked with whole wheat flour. Here's some feedback on the same. This time I wanted to try making crunchy bites with chickpea flour to make a gluten free savory snack for Diwali. I was not surprised to bake the best and healthiest crackers ever! I plan to bake one batch for my parents in Patiala as a Diwali gift. What are your plans for diwali? If

Besan Burfi: Chickpea Gluten Free Fudge

chickpea gluten free burfi besan Wondering is chickpea gluten free? Also, are you looking for a Diwali gift for a loved one? Yes, chickpea is gluten free and makes healthy sweets - some of the tastiest delicacies you will ever make. The iron-rich chickpea flour gives you a good amount of fiber benefits as well. So you can make healthy sweets for Diwali with this gluten free flour. I have been trying sweets and savories that can be enjoyed guilt free. But I really wanted to try the authentic besan burfi recipe. Since it is Diwali, I have given myself a day's rest from healthy recipes. Thanks to my dearest friend Anna, I could make this scrumptious delicacy that is simply aromatic and flavorful for Diwali. Let's see how our moms and grandmothers used to make besan burfi in those days: Here is my baked version with chickpea gluten free flour. It is absolutely delish and in no way less than the present stuff. You have got to try this healthy sweet with gluten

Sugarless Besan Ladoo : A Healthy Chickpea Gluten Free Recipe

besan ladoo Is chickpea gluten free? This is one of the most common question asked by few besan lovers. I have always been fond of besan (gram flour) ladoos. But hubby doesn't find them interesting enough to relish them. Yes, I am not joking. He loves boondi ladoos. So I have never tried making besan ladoos before. This Diwali, I wanted to give my favorite ladoos a try. But yes, the health freak in me questioned whether I was really prepared to give in my health goals to relish my favorite besan ladoos. Then the thought of giving a twist to these ladoos struck my imagination. The rest is history - the besan ladoos use just 1 tbsp of ghee (clarified butter) with no SUGAR. Yes, I have given myself the freedom to substitute sugar with dates in this recipe as well. Dates lend subtle sweetness to the recipe! So you can enjoy the delicacy guilt free! To my surprise, when I offered hubby to taste them, he said "these are really good." Need I ask for more? But