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Let Us Learn English

Let's learn English. This little dictionary is meant to help you hone your English vocabulary. 1) Feather own nest: to exploit your position for your benefits. Some politicians know the art of feathering their own nests very well.  2) Punch above your weight : to perform above your competencies, to make great strides that are unexpected of you A good manager can inspire the entire workforce to punch above their weight in performance. 3)   Whiner: somebody who is always complaining, grumbling, criticizing others – also known as crybabies, moaners In every organization, there are good and bad employees, who are whiners and always 4) Flinging: throwing Fling your worries 5) Ergo : therefore, consequently – used as a sentence connector – Ergo, the future of India is in the hands of its youth. 6) Woodsy - characteristic of woods this scent emanates woodsy fragrance 7) get fidgety: feel nervous,  restless, uneasy Kids often get fidgety at the dentist. 8)