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Can You Bake French Fries in Oven Without Oil [ Baked Potato Fries Indian Airfryer Recipe] | Ravneet Bhalla

 Wondering how to bake French fries without oil? Well, I have tried to do so on several occasions but failed. Sometimes potato fries would lose all moisture and dry up like rubber and sometimes, they would become chewy. I never liked this form of French fries without oven. After several failed attempts at baking French Fries in airfryer without oil, here I come with a healthier version that uses little oil but is amazingly delicious and gives a good competition to its deep-fried counterparts. So let's see how to bake French Fries in airfryer - Indian recipe. Low Oil Baked French Fries in Airfryer Baked French fries in 8 minutes 🙂  I baked in my airfryer.  You can bake in oven/otg or convection too.  French Fries have got a bad rap - often dubbed as a death food because of the carb and calorie overload.  Of course, you cannot reject the fat part as well. When deep fried, potato fries are nothing but completely empty calories that burden your body with trans fats as well. Not to for