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How To Make Tahini Recipe in India the Right Way [Sesame Seed Butter in Indian Air Fryer]

Hello everyone! Let's make " soaked sesame seeds tahini" today. No, I am not kidding! Perhaps you are here after reading the title to find how to make tahini in India? Sesame seeds are a staple in the Mediterranean, and they have mastered the art of making tahini at home. Perhaps, the sesame seeds paste finds a place in their cuisine and recipes, which of course, are healthy. Of course,  the Mediterranean diet is known as the healthiest diet in the world. No doubt about it. But my concern here is different. Let's see how I make tahini at home in air fryer, though you do not need one to process your own batch of this delicious and healthy buttery spread. Before beginning with the recipe to make sesame seeds tahini, I want to ask how many of you soak your seeds, nuts, legumes, millets, and grains in water before use? Similarly, do Sesame seeds need to be soaked?  Well, in order to understand this, you must first learn about the need for soaking of seeds or nuts. Did yo

Your Daily Health Tips [How To Stay Healthy Without Dieting]

Your health matters. Health is wealth. Let food be thy medicine. Let's learn together how to stay healthy, how to boost immunity, top immunity-boosting foods with these daily health tips.  Let;s change our lives naturally and learn to live healthy and happy.  Immunity how to boost immunity naturally? Include more citrus fruits in your immunity-boosting diet. E.g. lemon. Plant‐based foods improve intestinal beneficial bacteria or gut bacteria or microflora, which are helpful in nutrient absorption and make up 85% of your immune system.  By the use of plenty of water, minerals like magnesium and Zinc, micronutrients, herbs, food rich in vitamins C, D and E, and better life style one can promote the health and can overcome this infection. Vitamin C-rich foods : orange, lemon, kiwi, amla, berries, papaya, kiwi, guava, beetroot, grapes, spinach, eggplant, cauliflower, bell peppers, citrus fruit, black currants,, peppers strawberries, broccoli, potatoes. Your body needs 40 mg of vitamin