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Sabudana Kitchdi/Upma

sago kitchdi Fasting or not, sabudana kitchdi is loved  by one and all. It's a popular snack that is healthy as well. The tapioca pearls, the English name of sabudana, are full of carbs and thus a good source of energy. Surprisingly, it makes a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks without any sweeteners or artificial chemicals. While sabudana kitchdi is a breeze to make, it is tasty and healthy. Additionally, it can be enjoyed during fasting days, especially Navratri. Low in fat and protein, sabudana or sago is mixed with high protein and fiber foods for a balanced diet. Soaking of sago reduces the amount of starch and makes it less sticky. sabudana kitchdi You may grind sago and then use its starch for thickening gravy. But of you're looking for sabudana kitchdi recipe with sago shining as pearls, here is my take on this fasting recipe: Ingredients 1/2 tsp oil/ghee (clarified butter) 1 bowl sabudana (soaked overnight) 1/2 tsp jeera (cumin seeds

Gluten-Free Almond Butter Fudge - No Heating, No Sugar Recipe

Looking for a vegan gluten-free dessert recipe? This almond butter fudge is what you need to try! Rich, flavorful, and yet so healthy! On top of it, the almond butter bar is gluten free and does not use sugar, requires no heating, and is a breeze to process. Gather the ingredients, churn them in a processor, collect the dough and give different shapes, and enjoy melt-in-mouth burfi. gluten free almond butter fudge This is one of healthy dessert recipes that you may want to try. Healthy, delicious, and nutty is how I define this gluten free, vegan almond butter fudge - typically badam burfi . Who does not love sweets? Hardly anybody! But yes, exceptions are always there. If you do not like sweets, it is primarily due to their sugary content, fatty richness, calorie burden, and buttery lusciousness. But trust you me, this almond butter fudge is sugar free butter free fat free Additionally, it comes loaded with health benefits, for it gives you all the