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Atta Gur Ke Shakarpara Recipe Baked in Airfryer [Indian Recipe by Ravneet Bhalla]

  Ever tried making atta gud ke shakarpara recipe at home or shakarpali with whole wheat flour and Jaggery? I bring to you a vegan Indian recipe of healthy cookies that will interest you and kids. I have nostalgic memories of gur para as a Punjabi, where shakarpara is a symbol of festivities and celebrations along with mathri. But long gone are the days when I used to dig in all these snacks for Punjabi weddings that made them unique. Since I quit maida, nothing interests me. But the love for mathri and shakarpara is eternal and I have been trying to control myself whenever someone sends these sweets home. Now it's high time I tried making homemade shankarpali with jaggery. shakarpare with gur Did the Punjabi gur para online recipe disappoint? Na ji na! Had it disappointed, I would never share it on this platform - Ravneet Bhalla practices what she preaches. I know the amount of hard work each one of you puts into when following recipes online. So why share a recipe that does not w