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How to eat flax seeds [how to consume flax seeds]

Flax seeds have a hard coat or cover, which does not break easily. Unless flax seeds are toasted or soaked, the coating will not break. If you consume it just like that, the seeds will be eliminated as is from your body. that means you will be eating flax seeds but not benefitting from alsi ki consumption. So what's the right way to eat flax seeds? Roast them on an iron skillet or air fryer for a few minutes only to loosen up their coat/cover, which can then be pulsed to powder easily.  Toasted flax seeds taste nuttier and do not go rancid easily.  That means you can enjoy them for a long time without smelling rotten oil inside.  Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, flax seeds are one of the best sources for vegans and vegetarians.  How to eat flax seeds for hair growth? You should try to include flax in your daily diet to get your omega 3 dose, besides improving the ingestion of other minerals and nutrients that these tiny seeds are packed with. I am sharing a few ways to add flax seeds i