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How to make jowar bati in airfyer (easy gluten free recipe)

 D al bati churma is widely popular in North India. typically prepared with whole wheat flour, bati balls are roasted in oven, tandoor or cooker and then enjoyed with loads of ghee. but ravneet Bhalla is a health freak and knows how important it is to count calories and fat that goes in. no doubt, bati tastes amazingly delicious with a dollop of ghee. it is a treat for one and all. when I make whole wheat bafla, it tastes just like kachori. oh. so yum. but this time I had got requests from many of you to share the gluten-free bafla recipe here I am with a super easy and enjoyable recipe of bafla with jowar atta. if you love jowar or sorghum, then there is no reason why this jowar bati churma recipe won't appeal to you on top of it, the gluten-free churma is another sweet treat to pair with dal bati. it is my version of gluten-free panjiri with jaggery and lots of nuts. oh so yum... I loved the crunch of roasted nuts when combined with jowar bati churma. this makes a wholes

Is Tandoori roti good for health [NO, it Isn't But I eat soft oil-free wheat tandoori chapatis daily]

Tandoori roti is delicious and quite addictive too, but is it good for your health?Is there something called tandoori roti health risk? Yes and no.  Yes, if you order it outside.  What is tandoori roti made up of? The reason these Indian flatbreads have earned a bad reputation is that they are made with maida or refined flour, which is only empty calories. Then they use dalda or hydrogenated fat to make the roti soft. remember, tandoori roti is an addiction and I am addicted to it but one made at home with wholesome ingredients.  How to make tandoori roti at home At home, making quick tandoori roti on tawa is a breeze!   so here's how I do it to avoid all the health risks associated with restaurant tandoori roti. we can easily make soft atta tandoori roti on tawa too. yes, tandoor cooking is good but maida isn't.  start by adding water to a bowl. throw in methi powder and flaxmeal. You can skip both if you want. but I suggest adding the two ingredients in your chapatis and brea