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Lacto-Fermented Mango Sauce [Food Ferments for Gut Health]

You love tomato sauce, green chilli sauce, and what not. But have you tried mango sauce? If you are yet to try making lacto fermented mango ketchup, it's high time you did because it's the best thing to do to preserve the king of fruits and enjoy its flavors even when mangoes have disappeared from the market. The gut-immunity connection When I decided to lacto Ferment mangoes for a probiotic punch and better gut health. When your gut health improves, your digestion gets better. So your body can better absorb nutrients from food. A well-nourished body can better fight infections. In the picture is Fermented mango sauce for gut health. So let's learn how to lacto Ferment mangoes to make probiotic-rich mango sauce. For this recipe, you need both ripe and raw mangoes. Ingredients I have taken 1 tiny piece of turmeric for the color (if you do not have raw turmeric, leave it), 1 raw mango and 2 ripe ones. You also need spices of choice. I have taken 1/4 tsp each of cumin (jeera

Airfryer Samosa Mathri with whole wheat flour [Odia Nimki Recipe Baked by Ravneet Bhalla]

Have you ever tried making baked atta mathri at home? I have done it on several occasions and got excellent results each time. But this time, I varied the baked mathri recipe a bit and tried doing an Odia nimki recipe. The result is full of flavors - with salt and black pepper balancing the flavor and taste profile. Baked samosa Mathri with whole wheat flour The festive season is here, and the chances of guilty indulgence increase with that. But instead of buying those maida-based deep fried snacks to welcome guests home, why not add these homemade crispy mathris to your festive tea-time menu? Let's compare this healthy whole wheat mathri with the store-bought junk While the market junk is junk in the real sense devoid of any nutrient value, homemade is healthier and packs nutrition too Maida is only empty calories that offers zero nutrition. Deep frying only adds to the calorie burden, besides posing a high risk of trans fat and triglycerides. Reusing the same oil for deep fry

Healthy Oats Cookies in Airfryer (Malai Atta Biscuits Without Baking Powder, Soda, Maida]

 Healthy oats cookies recipe that gives you crispy bites and health in every single bite. Can you reject that? If kids are addicted to all things unhealthy, bake some good healthy stuff for them. Bakery goods are not healthy. They have all the unhealthy stuff that you want to avoid giving your kids. We all love bakery products - from cakes to cookies, pizzas, burgers, muffins, and what not! Luckily, when you make all this stuff at home, you can decide what goes in - from flour to fat , salt, and sweetener. In fact, you decide the type of fat and sweetener.  airfryer cookies recipe with atta I hope you all are doing great in these trying times. If you are wondering how to make cookies at home in airfryer or without oven, then I have hundreds of healthy biscuits recipes on the channel. The best thing about the eggless cookies recipes is that they are no maida no refined sugar biscuits without baking powder and soda. Are you wondering how to make any of the following types at home: health