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Beans Oatmeal Tikkis/Cutlets

beans tikki Ever since I came across beans paruppu usli recipe shared by dear Chitra di, I have become a big lover of this south Indian recipe and have made it several times thereafter, with variations. Today, I had a few leftover dalia idlis since morning, so I decided to use the same for this recipe in place of the typical tuvar dal. It didn't disappoint either. Ingredients Boiled Beans sabzi with steamed dalia idlis- 1 cup ( Here's the recipe for dalia idlis) Oat meal- 1/2 cup Hung curd- 2-3 tbsp Chaat masala/ black salt Oil for greasing tawa +1/2 tsp for frying beans Rai (mustard seeds) Urad dal - 1/2 tsp 1 onion salt, haldi, red chilly powder 1 boiled potato Procedure beans oat tikki Let's make beans stir fry first. Boil beans in little water with salt and turmeric - 2 whistles. Drain on a sieve. Take oil in a pan. Add rai and urad dal. Let them splutter. Add chopped onion. Fry until it turns translucent. Add crumbled 4-5 idlis.

Beans Paruppu Usli Powder

my take on beans parupu usiyal  beans paruppu usiyal This recipe takes inspiration from Chitra Balachander's beans parupu usiyal. The moment I tried this recipe, I fell in love with this simple, soul-pleasing beans recipe from south India. Try it once and you will never be fed up with this healthy recipe. I have made this recipe umpteen times ever since with slight variations. After my first attempt, I have started including chana dal along with tuvar dal - both equal quantities. I have also added fresh coconut and ginger to the recipe. I always use 1 onion for tempering this recipe along with rai, urad dal, chana dal. Adding onion enhances the taste of this recipe and takes it to another level. My main ingredients for the recipe are: 1/2 cup- tuvar dal/arhar dal 1/2 cup- chana dal 1/4-1/2 cup- fresh coconut salt, ginger, turmeric For tempering : mustard seeds urad dal curry leaves 1 onion salt Today, I tried to make tikkis or cutlets with this r

Papaya Burfi (Ripe Papaya Fudge): A Perfect Fasting Recipe

papaya burfi for fasting recipe Navratris are around the corner. It is that time of the year when Indians across the globe are busy cleaning their homes and souls by fasting for nine days. Navratris kick-start the festive season in India. Those who fast during nine days mostly rely on fruits. However, today, some of us do try out falahari or fruit-laden recipes for navratri fasting. Here, I have come up with one navratri sweet for you all. It is delectable and healthy. Papaya is one of my favorite fruits. My dad has always made sure that his kids have a good amount of fruits everyday. I can credit him for inculcating this habit in us all - my siblings. We all love fruits, with papaya being one of them. Hubby dear is not too fond of papaya. When we bring this humble fruit home, he will have a slice, while I will have my fair share all the time. In my hubby's side, they enjoy raw papaya as a vegetable, but people hardly savor ripe one. Nevertheless I am o

Cut Breast Cancer Risk with Low Fat Diet

#womensday #breastcancerseries Let's celebrate March as the Breast Cancer month (beginning 8th March -Women's Day -Today) The incidence of breast cancer is rising rapidly across the globe. Today, we find an increasing number of cancer cases. For the last 2 years, since the diagnosis of a loved one with breast cancer, I have come across hundreds of women fighting this scary disease. So Amit Mishra & I have decided to do our bit for the cause. Cancer is a life-changer; and it transforms your life from the word go, that is, right at the time of diagnosis. Then the transition begins - My loved one's breast cancer diagnosis has been an eye-opener for us all. This tells that cancer can strike just about anyone. Nobody is immune to it. The way you deal with it and fight it out makes you even stronger, but the "NEW YOU" comes at a price - emotional, physical, and financial strain. However, that does not mean "y