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HOW to STORE LEMONS in Fridge for Long Month After Month (LEMON Preservation Tips & Tricks)

how to store lemon in fridge for long time?  how long can you keep lemons in the fridge? how to store lemons for months? how to store lemons for long? When lemons are selling at a low price, it's time to preserve the vitamin-C-loaded fruit for days when their prices soar. but how to store lemon in fridge for a long time? Hello friends, Ravneet Bhalla is here to share her experience of preserving lemons for more than a month.I always get a bag full of lemons from mom's garden. Paro baby has started helping bhua pluck these beauties that I can pack for my journey back home. So I bought quite a lot of lemons this time again when they had just started to ripen. The simplest way to store lemon in fridge is to pack them in a dry airtight container. However, you want to ensure that they remain dry all the time. Any moisture will make them go bad. Since your refrigerator has moisture, it is highly likely that water droplets will stick to your preserved lemons. I always follow one trick

How to make sprouts taste nice? What dishes can be made from sprouts? Zero Oil Sprouts Hummus Recipe

 How to make sprouts taste nice? What dishes can be made from sprouts?  Okay, so the world knows sprouts are a superfood. But your picky eaters hate all things healthy, let alone sprouts. What will you do to hide sprouts in their platter? Here's how to make sprouts taste nice. one delicious way to include sprouts in your diet. Sprout hummus without tahini, chickpeas, sesame seeds, nuts, or oil. The star of the show is tawa roasted carrot and mung bean sprouts. For this Indian sprouts recipe, you will need two carrots, 1/2 cup of mung sprouts. Now how do you make easy sprouts at home? If this is your main query, then find an easy way to sprout anything at home. I have posted an easy mung sprouts recipe at home along with millet sprouts, chickpea sprouts as well. You do not need a cloth to make sprouts. Sounds interesting? Please find the sprout-making recipe link in the description. To make sprouts hummus without sesame seeds, you will also need a dash of lemon, black salt, and thic

Can you pop amaranth seeds like popcorn? How do you pop amaranth without burning it?

How do you pop amaranth without burning it at home? Can you pop amaranth seeds like popcorn? Do you use oil to pop amaranth? Is popped amaranth healthy?   I know you have been wondering how to puff amaranth at home. You enjoy popped amaranth during navratri fasts. But have always wanted to pop rajgira at home. So Ravneet Bhalla presents the making of amaranth puff at home. To add to this video, I have another fasting recipe for navratri. If you love all things amaranth, then do not forget to try out other amaranth recipes on the channel. I will soon come up with a video on making amaranth granola, which is gluten-free and refined sugar free. What's more, you do not need added fat for this healthy fasting recipe in airfryer. So, let's begin popping amaranth in salt in a pressure cooker. If you are puffing amaranth for upwas or fasting, try using pink salt or sendha namak for this recipe. We use pink Himalayan salt during fasts because it is unprocessed and contains 84 trace elem

Best gluten-free granola recipe without oats With Amaranth (Oil-Free, Vegan, No Refined Sugar)

Hey health buddies, it is health first on Ravneet Bhalla's channel - your one-stop destination for all things healthy.  No, I do not make tall claims but this is the Best gluten-free granola recipe without oats, which is oil-free, refined sugar free, and vegan. The easy oil-free gluten free granola recipe makes a perfect treat as a navratri snack recipe. Or you may call it a Navratri special sweet dish recipe that uses gluten-free falahari puffed amaranth seeds, almonds, pista, buckwheat groats, pumpkin seeds. I have used homemade multipurpose golden syrup or jaggery syrup or molasses to sweeten the gluten-free granola.  So let's begin with the navratri special sweet dish recipe-cum-no gluten granola  Ingredients for gluten free oil free granola without oats  1 cup- puffed amaranth (how to pop amaranth at home  1/4 cup- almonds  2tbsp-pumpkin seeds  2 tbsp- pistachio  1 tbsp-buckwheat groats (optional) kuttu seeds  2 tbsp -homemade gold

YAY! I have found the BEST healthy mayonnaise recipe without oil ( egg-free alternative)

 What's your idea of a healthy mayonnaise substitute without oil? Are you looking for an alternative to oily, high fat, high calorie mayo? Okay so what is it that makes you shudder in store-bought mayonnaise? well, I have a healthy oil-free dairy free vegan mayonnaise recipe for you with ingredients easily available in your home. Yes, it does not require a lot of effort either. Once you try making this healthy mayonnaise recipe without oil, egg, and all things you wanna avoid in your creamy dip, you or kids won't ever go back to the store=bought junk. that's a promise. For this easy egg-free oil-free mayonnaise recipe, which is actually healthy and rich in nutrients, you need one dry roasted or boiled potato and half roasted or boiled or steamed carrot. That's your choice.  You will also need a few garlic cloves, black salt, lime juice, almond powder,  waterand nothing else. If you want to include an extra dose of vitamin C to your homemade mayonnaise, please grate zest