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Easy Mango Kulfi Recipe Without Condensed Milk: Sugar-Free, No Cream Oatmeal Dessert

You cannot dream of a summer season without a dessert. Think of mangoes - the king of fruits - and you want to get hold of mango kulfi . Of course, mango desserts are too yummy to ignore. But the market desserts are cream based and loaded with calories. And you are quite conscious about your calorie intake. So should you stop dreaming of desserts when it is still hot? sugar-free mango kulfi no cream without condensed milk Perhaps not, for there are diet desserts to try out. This website is a hub of healthy food lovers. This mango season I have come up with another super delicious creamy mango frozen delight , like the last season when you had tried out two of my mango kulfi recipes - both using oatmeal. So what is different this time? mango kulfi Well, last season, my dear friend Ritu S. Mendiratta had shared her mango kulfi recipe in our food group " Healthy Recipes by Homemakers ." The moment I saw her mango kulfi recipe , I knew it is sure going to be