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Why Say No to Deep Frying

Why SAY NO to Deep Frying? Because deep frying can raise the risk of: Ø   Excess calorie intake Ø   High deposition of bad fat Ø   Rise in level of cholesterol Ø   Oxidative stress that can lead to cancer Ø   Digestive disorders Ø   Reduced oxygen level Ø     Body pain and inflammation Given the high risk of deep-fried food on your health, it is best to avoid deep frying and look for alternatives. Here are a few healthier alternatives to deep frying: Baking  Airfrying  Steaming You're Taking in Excess Calories Deep fried food is high in trans fat and calories. When foods are deeply fried, they lose moisture and absorb fat from oil. 1 tsp of oil has almost 40 calories. Imagine the amount of calories you take in when you fry food in oil. Excess calories equal access fat accummulation. Food for thought for sure! You're adding in trans fats When you eat deep-fried food, you tend to raise the risk of trans fats in your bod