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No Yeast Pizza Base

oats pizza no yeast Pizza has become a favorite snack for Indian youngsters ever since its introduction in the country. Who brought the Italian pizza to India? Well, I have no idea! But one thing is sure that Indian kids are in love with this Italian bread. The authentic pizza recipe uses refined flour (maida) and yeast for fermenting, but I have been trying to avoid all-purpose flour in all of my recipes. In fact, I never buy maida :) Rather, I prefer to include a variety of whole cereal grains to my meals. After all, health comes first. These days I am focused on oats and have experimented with this fiber-rich cereal grain innumerable times. I am in pursuit of healthy recipes. My Facebook group is also about Healthy Recipes by Homemakers , where we encourage homemakers to post healthy food. Coming back to the no yeast pizza recipe, I decided to experiment with some fermented rice and lentil mixture. Did that disappoint? Glad, it didn't. You can add your choice o

No Yeast Garlic Bread Rolls With Oatmeal: Homemade Whole Wheat Garlic Rolls

no yeast garlic bread Do you love garlic bread? Wondering how to make no yeast garlic bread recipe? Garlic bread - the very name makes my mouth to water! Don't you have the same experience? Hubby and I have been savoring garlic bread since marriage - once it was our favorite breakfast. Sometimes garlic bread did make its way into our snack time. But then after the onset of the allergy problem, we stopped buying breads outside, no bakery products, no ready-to-eat stuff and much more. It was then that I started experimenting with different yeast-free bread recipes at home. Yes, this eggless home made wheat garlic bread roll recipe came up only after series of experiments. I am loving my food experiments, for I believe in healthy eating. This is what keeps me going! Not bad na! Self motivation is crucial everywhere these days. I keep myself motivated by posting my food experments with everyone in food groups. My ow on facebook food group, Healthy Recipes by Ho

Onion Tomato Methi Chutney

tomato onion methi chutney This post is in continuation of my tomato methi chutney post. If you have tried that chutney recipe, you sure would be tempted to try this one too. This recipe uses onions and curry leaves as well. Give it a try to enjoy a unique blend of curry leaves and methi dana. Recipe : Ingredients 3 tomatoes 2 onions 1 tbsp- oil 1/4 tsp- rai (black mustard) 2 pinches of hing roasted methi dana salt, pinch of sugar Procedure Dry roast methi dana. Grind it to powder upon cooling. Boil whole tomatoes and onions for 5-8 minutes. Take oil. Roast mustard seeds and hing. Then add onions. Fry for sometime until just browned. Add tomatoes. Cook & cover for some time. Then add salt and sugar. Sprinkle roasted methi powder. Cook for 2-3 minutes more. Enjoy onion tomato methi chutney with dosa, idli, or rice. Try tomato methi chutney that is adapted from Priya Shiva's recipe.

Tomato Methi Chutney

tomato methi chutney This is a unique tomato chutney recipe that takes inspiration from Priya Shiva's Thankkali Thoku. Priya is a talented blogger from south India. The moment I checked the recipe, I was bowled over by it. Simple, easy, and yummy, bursting with flavors of roasted methi seeds (fenugreek powder), this tomato chutney is sure going to be your go-to recipe for chutneys when you are short on time and need a tantalizing dip to satiate your cravings. You can enjoy this chutney of tomatoes with idli, dosa, vada, rice, and even parantha. Before sharing the recipe, I would like to say that I have tried making tomato-onion chutney the same way. It tastes equally good. Get the recipe here. So without further ado, let's come back to the recipe, with little modifications here and there. Ingredients 3 tomatoes 1 tsp- oil 1/4 tsp- roasted methi dana powder 2 pinches- hing (asafetida) red chilly powder/ green chillies 1/2 tsp- mustard seeds (kali sarson)

Easy Way To Make Hung Curd

how to set hung curd Hung curd is nothing but thick curd, without a drop of water. Setting this kind of curd is easy - easier than most other recipes on the Internet. I have recently learned the process to set hung curd. Do not be surprised if I say I have learned to set sweet curd too only recently. Earlier, I would set curd daily, but it would get sour. Now it never gets sour, even when I am in need of it. Curd has remained a weakness since childhood, as Punjabis are raised on a dairy diet, which includes milk, cream (malai), butter (makhan), ghee (clarified butter), and curd (dahi). No Punjabi would ever say they do not like dairy products. We love all kinds of dairy. But of course, dairy foods are rich in calories. Not to mention, the high fat content, which threatens to raise cholesterol levels to unexpected heights - but of course, if you live a lethargic lifestyle. Enjoy your favorite foods in moderation and work out those calories and nobody can beat your healthy phy

Odiya Garam Masala/Curry Powder (Mish Mash Blend of Spices): My MIL's Secret Recipe

Odiya garam masala curry powder Soon after marriage, I was in Odisha. At that time, I got the opportunity to savor lip-smacking recipes from my MIL's Odiya kitchen. Odiya cuisine is a foodie's delight. In fact, Odiyas are big-time foodies.  They have such a diverse and rich food culture. For ceremonies, such as wedding or thread ceremonies or even someone's death, they throw lavish feasts, of course, depending on the occasion. Celebrations are marked with gala feasts. I have recently had the opportunity to feast upon Odiya delicacies. Yes, I do love Odiya food, especially made by my MIL. She is just amazing in the kitchen. So let's come to the garam masala-cum-curry powder recipe. I loved the distinct aroma, taste of the garam masala that my MIL made for me during my first visit to Odisha. I still remember I loved that masala so much that I shared one big packet with my own mother as well. This garam masala-cum-curry powder is good to go in curries

Quick Paneer Do Pyaza: Addition to Paneer Recipe Collection

paneer do pyaza My paneer recipe collection is getting bigger and tastier. But I rarely make fancy paneer recipes, except paneer bhurji, as I talked about in my previous post on paneer badami . Nevertheless, these days, I am trying to experiment with the diverse paneer recipes. After all, for nonvegetarians, paneer is the best source of protein. Not to mention, it tastes delish in whichever form you have it. So today, I have tried paneer do pyaza. Amit likes do pyaza recipes, but his wife has never tried her hands at it. Today was the day when I got over my hesitation on "do pyaza"..LOL Thankfully had paneer (cottage cheese) in stock. All I needed was a recipe. So a quick Google search drove me to Dassana Amit's popular blog ( vegrecipesofIndia ). I found it an exceedingly simple recipe. I like this website, with pictorial description of all recipes. I had all ingredients at hand. I followed her recipe, with a slight modification here and there an