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How To Use RO Waste Water?

 Water wastage is a cardinal sin. If you own an RO, you too are contributing to water wastage unintentionally unless you take steps to save water, which is a scarce resource. I have been using RO waste water for: washing clothes watering plants mopping floors But keeping a bucket ready and carrying it to the washroom, balcony, and terrace was a hassle. So we decided to save every single drop of RO waste water by connecting it with a storage tank. We bought a new 100-liter storage bucket that keeps the waste water. It is connected with two pipes -  one that carries the waste water from RO one that brings out the water from the storage tank into the tap, which is used for washing utensils

It's a WARNING!! Don't BUY Orange-Colored Dried Apricot

 There are two-three types of dried apricots available on the market: Orange Light brown Dark brown Which dried apricot is better? What colour should dried apricots be? Why are some apricots brown? Is it normal for dried apricots to be brown? Why are organic apricots brown?  Why are some dried apricots brown and some orange? What is the actual color of apricot? What is the natural color of apricots? Is it safe to eat apricots with brown spots? Is it OK to eat dried apricots? Should we soak dried apricots before eating? True, orange looks more vivid and beautiful. But is is chemically treated during preservation to preserve the fruit color. The ones that look tad darker or light brown are healthier options than orange colored dried fruit. They are naturally dried under the sun without any chemical preservatives. The healthier ones are also sweeter than the one treated with sulphur.

Can you make nutella with jaggery? (Buttery Creamy Hazelnut Spread)

Can you make homemade nutella with hazelnuts? yes, hazelnuts are quite expensive but they have a dense nutrient profile. but kids may not be as willing to eat nuts as much as they love to indulge in nutella. so let's make a small batch of healthy nutella with jaggery and eliminate all preservatives, chemicals, and refined sugar from the easy nutella recipe. there are two types of hazelnuts available on the market - one with skin  other without peel I got a batch of skinless hazelnuts. so that cuts short one step in the process of making nutella.  How to make nutella at home without sugar/oil? The process begins with dry roasting 1 cup of vitamin E rich nuts for 8-10 min @ 160 deg c. if you want to toast nuts in kadahi, please do so. but do not brown them. the process will be fairly quick in an open vessel. if yours is a hazelnut batch with skin, peel off the skin after toasting. then proceed to the next step. the peel should come off easily once the nuts are roasted. pulse hazelnu

There's a weed that looksalike Amaranth Saag; BEWARE!