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Healthy Soya Chili Without Cornflour, Soya Sauce, Sugar [Manchurian Without Frying Recipe by RAVNEET BHALLA]

 Ever tried making healthy soya chili without cornflour, maida, soya sauce, and sugar? I do. In fact, I love my soya chili gravy recipe without all these ingredients. Perhaps I choose not to deep fry the nuggets, which gives me an even healthier crispy soy chili recipe to relish with rice or chapati or even paratha.  Whether you are looking for soya chili Manchurian or chili soybean without corn flour, this is the recipe to go for.  Now you might be wondering what soya chili sauce have I used in the recipe to make it healthier? Well, the soya chili recipe gets its healthy punch from all the healthy ingredients, including ginger, chili, and garlic with sweet notes delivered by carrot while the tang comes from tomato and capsicum. The rice flour slurry makes a good substitute for maida. What more do you want? How do you make your soya chili Manchurian healthier?  Do you make soya Manchurian without frying? I would love to hear back on your recipe of soya chili without frying.  What is Ma