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How to grow basil from seeds at home easily in monsoon?

 Monsoon is the best time to grow your kitchen garden. If you can find tulsi seeds, then growing basil from seeds is fairly easy. In this short video, I show how to do so.

Chatpata Karele Ka Achar [ Sweet Bitter Gourd Pickle Recipe]

  Summer is the season for pickling for a majority of Indian elderly women. Ravneet Bhalla has seen her dadi and Nani, mom and mother in law choosing to preserve some fruits and vegetables for the harsh weather ahead. Pickles are healthy in the sense that they make you salivate. Guilty indulgence is of course not recommended. Last year, mom inspired me to make karele ka achaar. This time I chose to take the initiative to make bitter gourd pickle as well as mango pickle for ma. Here are my favorites posing in this frame. Karele ka achaar Aaam ka sukha achaar Aam ka gila achaar Karele ka achar is easy to make at home. I love indian pickles as they remind us of our rich culinary heritage. remember, your dadis and nanis making big batches of pickles of seasonal vegetables. that was a way to preserve food for tough times. hey did you know pickles are healthy too? yes, they make you salivate and give you an extra reason to enjoy food. now think of bitter gourd pickle and you might say who ma

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Easy sourdough bread recipe with starter, whole wheat [Indian garlic bread]

Bread is very much a part of our dining tables. It has invaded our breakfast and snack times. but when you BUY bread, you are not actually buying a pav roti, but a potpourri of unhealthy ingredients. so why not bake a healthy bread at home with our homegrown yeast. Ravneet Bhalla loves her sourdough starter, which is almost 2.5 years old. Let's learn how to bake a healthy whole wheat bread at home, which gets 9/10 for being a healthier alternative to store-bought junk. join ravneet bhalla in this healthy hamesha journey. you will need a fresh sourdough starter - about 1/4 cup of it. if you want to learn how to make your own yeast at home, ask me in comments. add 1/4 cup of water and mix both starter and water. i love to add methi or fenugreek powder along with flaxmeal to my chapatis, parathas, and bread dough because they keep a check on your blood sugar levels post-meal.  if you don't want to add both ingredients, that wont make any difference to the taste or texture of our i

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How to make a Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter in India?

  How to make gluten free sourdough starter with rice flour? Let's start by mixing 2 tbsp of rice atta with 2 tbsp of water. It will look gooey. Mix until no dry flour is visible. Keep covered at room temperature with a loose lid. After 24 hours, you can see a few bubbles. That's the right start for our gluten free sourdough starter recipes. Now you will need a new glass container and stir in 2 tbsp of rice flour along with 2 tbsp of water. You will need 1 tsp of the starter from day 1. Now you might ask what to do with the rest of the discard. Well, since it is fermented rice, I choose to apply it on my hair as well as face as a mask. But mind you, dilute it with water else it might stick badly with your skin and hair. Mix the starter again until everything is blended well and rest it at room temperature again for 24 hours. The 3rd day, the starter should smell sour. It's a welcome sign. Again, each time you feed your starter, don't forget to stir it fairly well and t