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Instant Dum Tea: Quick Masala Chai

Call it masala chai or dum tea, instant tea gives you the most flavorful beverage you have ever had. If you are a tea lover like me, you can never say no to quick tea. Make tea with one pot one shot and you will be hooked for a lifetime.This happened with me one fine day and will happen with you too if you give it a try.  Now I do not want to go back to the old way of making tea, seriously! I am not kidding. dum tea  What is so Special about dum Tea? Well, pressure cooking helps retain all the flavors in the tea - use whatever spices you may want to add to your tea and pack a punch with the most flavorful tea. The tea reminds me time and again of the tea I had at Shirdi Sai temple. The aroma  of cardamom in the tea made it more flavorful. Let's get started with our tea, also known as dum tea or masala chai. tea masala chai instant To make masala chaska at home: Sift tea powder using a sieve. This will remove the powdered tea, which can be used as a natura

Eggless Ragi Digestives Sugarless | Ragi Cookies Healthy Easy No Oven |No Baking Powder Cookies| INDIAN Airfryer Recipe

When dad tasted these eggless ragi digestives, he said, "Nobody can say this is homemade ragi cookies." I was on cloud 9 with this accolade from dad on the easy ragi digestives no oven recipe in airfryer. Then I revealed the secret to these ragi cookies - which use a tablespoon of cocoa powder for flavor, which makes it a kid-friendly recipe. eggless ragi cookies digestives sugarless in airfryer Whether you are looking for an eggless cookie recipe no oven or a healthy baked beauty for kids in airfryer, this ragi digestives recipe is exactly you need for those family tea times that you enjoy the most. sugarless ragi digestives gluten free kid friendly recipe Wondering if baking with whole grains is tough? Looking for an eggless ragi digestives cookie recipe? Here is one simple eggless cookie recipe that uses no sugar, less fat, and all the healthy ingredients. The ragi digestives are just perfect for kids and elderly alike. The kid-friendly cookies will be