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Dudh Peda Toffee

dudh milk peda As kids, we would crave for milk toffees, without any worries of cavities or weight gain. The temptation of relishing toffees would awaken the child in each one of us even today, isn't it? I tried to make milk toffees so you can offer your kids home-made sweets, but ended up making pedas. Nevertheless the end product is delicious, so I am happy with whatever I have ended up making. Shall try making dudh toffees again :) Here's the simple recipe of dudh peda toffee: 1 cup- condensed milk (made at home - 2 cups of milk mixed with 3-4 tbsp of milk powder) 1 small piece - gur (jaggery) - you may add sugar as per your taste 1/2 cup- almond powder 1 tsp- ghee elaichi (green cardamom) dudh peda Procedure Mix milk powder with milk & elaichi and keep it on low flame. Keep stirring so that it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan. When the milk is reduced to half, add almond powder and ghee. Keep stirring until it gathers lik

Eggless Whole Wheat Orange Cake in Cooker No Sugar

eggless wheat cake Wondering how to make cake from wheat flour? Well, I tried this eggless whole wheat cake on New Year. The wheat cake turned out soft & yummy. Taking my healthy cooking spree further, this whole wheat cake without sugar comes as a reward for my efforts toward healthy eating. On top of it, this atta orange cake, as its name suggests, is bursting with the aroma of orange, from the addition of orange juice and zest. Of course, I never say baked goodies, such as cookies and cakes, are healthy. But yes, when you want to indulge in these goodies, why not choose healthier ingredients to raise their health quotient? So I always choose whole grains for my recipes, with no place for refined white flour or maida. cake recipe using whole wheat If you are looking for dessert recipes whole wheat flour, you will find a range of healthy whole grain recipes here. Orange Atta Cake Ingredients 1 cup- wheat flour 1/4 cup- besan 1 tbsp- roasted

Eggless Healthy Whole Grain Cookies Collection

Recently, I started experimenting with food - this may sound strange to my family, for I am not known to spend much time in the kitchen.I am trying to find how food can be tasty as well as healthy. Correct, my focus is to establish and prove that health & taste can marry each other and bond very well together. I am sharing some of my healthy cookies, each of my recipes are loaded with fiber-rich oats and lack fat/calories. My friends from different groups have started calling me "Cookie Queen" for I have experimented too much with this baking genre. Without further ado, sharing my cookie types - from oatmeal cookies to digestives, from vegan to gluten-free varieties, from weight loss biscuits to eggless biscottis, from diabetes-friendly crackers to whole grain munchies, from butterless delights to flourless bakes. healthy cookie collection Recently, I started experimenting with food - this may sound strange to my family, for I am not known to spend