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Airfryer Roasted Peanuts Recipe for COVID 19 Recovery

Does the sight of a handful of hair coming in your hairbrush threaten you? This sight could be common for coronavirus warriors. When it comes to hair growth, you are always looking for home remedies for hair loss. The Covid era has only stressed this need more. As more and more people are fighting coronavirus and recovering from the deadly virus, they are experiencing the worst side effects of a lifetime. Severe hair loss post-Covid is a reality and a fact nobody can deny. So if you or a loved one has also experienced this, then try to focus on the root cause of the problem.  Coronavirus can result in hair shedding, that is, more than normal loss of hair. In medical terminology, it is actually telogen effluvium. This is primarily the result of an illness, such as fever, resulting in the loss of  more hairs into the shedding phase.  Coronavirus is one such illness that might result in a severe loss or shedding of hair. Some coronavirus warriors start to see significant hair shedding 2-

DIY Ground Allspice Substitute Recipe With Cloves

 Are you looking for a whole all spice substitute that adds a distinct flavor to your coffee, shakes, cookies, cakes, and just about anything? Well, here is one recipe to appeal to your flavor buds.  allspice powder homemade recipe indian But first, what is allspice? Well, allspice is the dried berry of the evergreen allspice tree from Jamaica and the Caribbean. Allspice has a distinct flavor profile and reminds you of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and pepper. So when you cannot find allspice berries, let's try combining all these healthy ingredients to make an allspice substitute that boosts the flavor of your bakes and shakes. allspice recipe with cloves all spice substitute recipe homemade allspice powder recipe indian Making your own allspice is easy. You will be surprised that you need just a handful of allspice ingredients to make your DIY substitute for this strong flavoring mix. You need 1/8 tsp of nutmeg. 1/4 tsp of black pepper corns, 1/2 tsp of cloves, and 1 tsp of cinnamon p

Lemon Kodo Millet Recipe Indian for Diabetics, Weight Loss [How To Make Lemon Millet Rice]

 So you have transitioned to a millet diet. Well, that's your choice. I still believe in eating everything in moderation. This includes millets too. I love millets as these ancient grains are a powerhouse of nutrients. There are many healthy Indian millet recipes to enjoy these tiny grains. You can make millet cookies, cakes, burfis, laddus, dosa, idli, and what not. The best thing is you can replicate the same taste and flavor profile of rice in a millet. For example, this lemon Kodo millet recipe vegetarian is easy, filling, and sumptuous. The flavor of lemon in millet rice stands out.  millet rice lemony You will fall in love with this lemon millet recipe Indian and make it a regular in your meal plans. That's a promise.  Before starting with the recipe, I request you to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and hit the bell icon for immediate notifications on my latest healthy recipe updates. lemon millet rice recipe indian lemon kodo millet recipe vegetarian So for this easy lemon rice

Chocolate Rusks Recipe With Whole Wheat in Airfryer

 cake rusk recipe, biscotti recipe, chocolate rusk recipe, atta rusk recipe, rusk in airfryer Dunking a homemade crunchy chocolate rusk in your hot cuppa is a dream come true. If kids love cake rusks, then you have a double treat at hands. The recipe of chocolate cake rusk with whole wheat is a keeper. You will never regret baking an extra batch of biscottis. Because these promise to disappear soon.  I have fond childhood memories of rusks. Back then, dad would bring packets of cake rusks from my favorite bakery in Patiala. But when you stop buying ready-to-eat stuff and crave for the same, you ought to learn how to recreate that gourmet experience at home. My experience with homemade rusks has always been amazing. The idea to bake a chocolate rusk recipe came from Parshotam Kaur aunty's post in my Facebook group- Healthy Recipes by Homemakers.  So let's get to the atta rusk recipe quickly. As always I have baked rusk in airfryer. But you can do so in oven, otg, convection or e