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Healthy Homemade Oatmeal Recipe: Diabetes-Friendly Idli

oats idli- a diabetes friendly recipe Oatmeal idlis, surprised, are you? Made of hulled oat grains, oatmeal has become a part of my dietary regimen. Oats idli is one such healthy oatmeal recipe that you would want to try again and again. Yes, the best thing about idlis is that they are steamed. The oatmeal idli recipe uses rolled oats or old-fashioned oats that are thin flakes, which have been ground into a corase mixture for idlis. I am glad with the results with this idli for I have tried to make it a diabetes friendly recipe for my parents in law. All of us love idli. After having tried suji (semolina) idli, I wanted to make it even healthier. So this time I have added oats for an even healthier twist. A Little About Oats The term "oatmeal" is used in Canada, U.S., and Australia for oat porridge made using rolled, steel-cut, or ground oats. rolled oats Oatmeal makes not only a healthy, but also quick breakfas

10-Minute Sugarless Dates Ladoo Recipe

dates ladoo sugarless ladoo in 10 minutes - quick ladoo recipe It's Diwali time and everyone is busy preparing sweets. I have come up with a breezy ladoo recipe that takes just 8-10 minutes. On top of it, the healthy ladoo recipe uses just 2 main ingredients. You do not need sugar for the recipe. You can even add dry fruits to the recipe to make it more nutritious. Healthy Quick Ladoo Recipe in 10 minutes : Roasted Bengal gram (bhuna chana/chutney dal)- 1 cup -  I buy it from big bazaar and it is known as ROASTED BENGAL GRAM - add more if you want (add up to 1 1/2 cups) Dates (khajur) -8-10 Ghee- 1/2 tsp Water- 1 cup roasted bengal gram/bhuna chana/chutney dal Dates Ladoo Process Take water in a pan and add dates to it. Keep it for boiling. Grind roasted Bengal gram dal. Add ghee to ground dal and grind once again. Check if the dates have softened. Remove from water. I did not use the water. So you can discard it. De-seed dates. Grind

The Best Oatmeal Cookies Recipe Unlocked: Diabetes Friendly Crackers

wheat crackers What are crispy, crunchy bakes known as? Yea, you have guessed it right! Crackers - cut. cut cut!!! Do you love than crackling sound? If so, this post is for you. Do you love homemade crackers? If so, this recipe is for you! Are you looking for a Diwali gift or even a birthday present for a health freak? Then this pack of healthy goodies is for you! So many options in one post! Wow! Whole wheat flour cookies are a healthier take on refined flour cookies available in the market. Agree? Yes,you ought to! What about crackers- say whole wheat crackers or even oatmeal crackers? Well, you bet it! Crackers are even healthier than cookies, for they use less of fat and more of water. diabetes friendly recipe cracker Cookies healthy cookies everywhere, and so many crackers to eat! Can cookies be healthy? Somebody questioned. Why not, my mind pondered? When you eat outside junk, you never question whether this or that is healthy. Then wha