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Why Make Your Own Flour at Home [Avoid Adulteration With Homemade Atta, Powders]

 As promised, let's explore the reasons to make your flour at home. If you are still unsure whether you should take the pain to wash, rinse, soak, sprout, dry, dehydrate, and pulse or mill your own flour at home, then there are strong reasons to do so. Let's see why you should make homemade atta from millets, legumes, pulses, and whole grains. This is in continuation of our series on making your own baking ingredients at h ome. Why Make Your Own Atta  1. Phytates are toxic anti-nutrients Do you know that plants have naturally protective properties that they use to protect their flowers (fruits) from predators (humans included)? Now, what is that natural protective cover? Plants develop a natural protective coating around their fruits (including grains/millets/cereals) that is known for its anti-nutrient effect. In that case, the cover containing phytic acid coating is toxic and binds around minerals, thus preventing their absorption in the gut. As a result, our bodies are not a

Ravneet Bhalla Bakes Healthy Millet Boondi Laddu With Jaggery (EASY Diwali Sweets Recipe)

 You love Indian sweets but are watching calories and fat intake so why not bake a healthy sweet that reminds you of traditional boondi ladoo! Millet laddu recipe with jaggery is yum, rich, and flavorful. Of course, it is healthy too.  Foxtail millet sweet recipes with jaggery are here. If you are looking for ways to include ancient grains in your diet, millet ladoo with jaggery is a great idea. This foxtail millet laddu recipe tastes like boondi ladoo and comes with a healthy tag. While the typical boondi laddu is deep-fried and simmered in a sugary syrup, this motichoor laddu is made easy and healthy with millets. Let's welcome guests with a healthy sweet for Diwali and Indian festivals. How to Bake Indian Sweets Let us make boondi millet ladoo We all love sweets. Actually indians are fond of traditional sweets but our sweets are typically packed with fat and calories. But there are ways to twist traditional sweets to make them a tad healthier.

Let Us Learn How To Make Tutti Fruitti at Home With Papaya Without Color (No Heating/Cooking/Sugar)

 Unless you try out making tutti fruiti at home with raw papaya without color and oven, you won't realize how easy it is to make a batch of healthy candied papaya without heating, cooking, or sugar. Wondering how to make tutti fruitti without cooking or heating when the whole world follows a typical process to prepare candied papaya? tutti fruitti with honey (no cooking, heating, colors, sugar) Well, think of all the options available and then decide if it is even possible to do so. Sky is the limit when it comes to food experiments. As a health freak, I want to eat healthy while also cutting down the labor and time involved in meal preparation. Life is all about change and challenges. So when you do not find time to stand before the stovetop to make a batch of tutti fruitti for kids, try out this no heating or cooking method of soaking raw papaya bits in honey. Let the ingredients sit together and enjoy their wedlock. This period is crucial.  The fruits this golden era will bear w

Let's Bake Some Healthy Savory Snacks in Airfryer

Who does not want to stay healthy? We all do strive to get the better of ourselves and lead a disease-free life. Sadly, a majority of health problems come from our wrong food choices. A diet that relies heavily on wrong foods is deficient in nutrients and the result is nutritional deficiencies in you. But these so-called delicacies and savories are addictive, and you cannot stay away from them. Think of pizzas, samosas, mathris, breads, and keep adding your favorite snacks to this list. So does staying healthy means rejecting the foods you love? Does it mean you cannot enjoy what you crave for? Well, my definition of healthy eating includes all those foods that you crave and are addicted to, with the only difference being in the choice of flour, fat, salt, and exclusion of any additives, artificial flavors, and chemicals. Leftover Roti snack recipe Methi mathri recipe in airfryer Yeast-free garlic bread recipe with atta, oats in airfryer Oats crackers recipe Indian Bajra cookies recipe