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What does flaxseed do for the female body? Are Flaxseeds Safe for Women?

Are Flaxseeds safe for women? Does flaxseed increase female hormones? How much flaxseed should a woman take daily? Are flax seeds good for breasts? Are there any negative effects of flaxseed? Flaxseeds are generally safe for most women in moderate amounts, however, their effect on menstrual cycles needs careful consideration. Here's the breakdown based on scientific research: One study explains, "Flaxseeds: A Natural Ally for Period Health? Well, it seems flaxseeds pack even more potential benefits! A study explored their impact on the menstrual cycle, and the results are promising. Turns out, consuming just a tablespoon of flaxseeds daily could lengthen your luteal phase, the latter half of your cycle. This translates to a one-day delay in your next period, offering some flexibility if needed. But that's not all! Flaxseeds seem to boost ovarian function, leading to fewer anovulatory cycles (those without ovulation). This echoes the positive effects observed in women on pl