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Is Curd a Probiotic? Does Curd Have Lactic Acid Bacteria?

 Curd is the byproduct of milk fermentation.  You can ferment milk by introducing harmless lactic acid bacteria to it. what is the role of lactic acid bacteria in curd? Lactobacillus bacteria acts as an inoculum to ferment the milk. The bacteria in the starter multiplies and transforms milk into a probiotic curd at a temperature of about 30-40 deg celsius. How lactic acid bacteria help in making curd?  The bacteria produce lactic acids by digesting lactose or milk protein and breaking down the milk sugar  into lactic acid for easier absorption. The milk sugar coagulates to form curd and reduces pH. The tartness in curd comes from lactic acid. How to make curd at home? Curd is a probiotic, which is good for your gut health. Since it is a fermented product, it is a pot full of good bacteria that support your gut flora and microbiome. While it is nutritious, it's benefits abound for your body as all of its nutrients and proteins are easy for your body to digest. You can se

Zero oil capsicum in air fryer by Anita Chahal Aunty

Some of Anita aunty's experiments that I had not saved earlier. One such airfryer recipe is the zero oil capsicum in air fryer.  Anita aunty says,  Earlier I used to shallow fry these stuffed capsicum,,,then for the last about ten years have been using microwave,but there also they had to be brushed with oil,,,,but air frying is the best option. Ingredients  Capsicum............................250 gm  Potatoes..............................4  small Tofu......................................100 gm /paneer Salt,red chilly powder,haldi, dhaniya powder,green coriander  How to make stuffed capsicum in airfryer Wash capsicum  Cut out a circle from the top  Scoop out inside seeds  Boil,peel and mash potatoes  Mash tofu  Mix all ingredients and fill in capsicum  Cover with circle head  Place in preheated airfryer and cook for eight minutes at 180-degree celsius. Timing might vary from one airfryer to another. Serve hot when done. Enjoy