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Flax seed benefits nobody talks about [Does Heat Reduce Nutrients From Flaxseeds]

 Flax seeds benefits are aplenty but there are some that nobody talks about. Let's explore the same here: 1. flax seeds reduce oxidative stress, which is known to cause tissue damage and causing chronic inflammation. Unfortunately,  Oxidative stress also causes DNA oxidation, and depletion of antioxidant enzymes. 2. flax seeds help reduce inflammation. 3. flaxseeds are effective in reducing symptoms of metabolic syndrome  4. flax seeds help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar 5. flaxseeds help reduce uric acid levels Flaxseeds for Women Helath Flaxseeds: Tiny Gems for the Modern Woman Far beyond their subtle crunch lies flaxseeds’ treasure - a bounty of nutrients tailored to feminine needs. These unassuming specks burst with compounds that can profoundly uplift a woman’s wellbeing: Hormone Helpers : Flaxseeds harbor plant hormones called lignans, which can sync estrogen levels. By balancing hormones, they may ease PMS, menopause and other symptoms.   Heart Heroes : With anti-infl

Are Khajoor dates acidic or alkaline?

 Are Dates Acidic or Alkaline? While dates are sweet , they generate an acidic effect but their mineral content and gut-friendly fiber turn them into an alkaline food. So, go ahead and enjoy those dates guilt-free knowing they'll contribute to a more balanced pH environment in your body. Dates contain a complex blend of components that influence acidity and alkalinity in the body. On one hand, their natural sugars and organic acids impart sweet and tangy flavors. However, dates also provide key minerals and fiber that promote an alkaline environment. What dried fruits are alkaline? Specifically, components like fructose, glucose and acids like malic and citric generate acidic byproducts during metabolism. In contrast, dates' minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium leave behind alkaline residues when processed by the body. Additionally, dates' fiber nourishes gut bacteria that further contribute alkaline compounds. What fruit is high in alkaline? In summary, d