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Rajgira Recipes for Fast, Weight Loss, Babies [Baking With Amaranth Flour Recipes|GLUTEN-FREE Crackers in Indian Airfryer]

 Amaranth or rajgira is a healthy gluten-free alternative. If you are looking for amaranth flour recipes, then this one is for you. Looking for a tomato nachos recipe or an Indian healthy nachos recipe vegetarian with amaranth? Call these tomato crackers OR Amaranth nachos, the vegetarian Indian recipe would appeal to healthy snacks lovers.  Add a spicy vegetarian nachos recipe to your health snacks ideas with  this amaranth crackers recipe that can be adjusted to make a vrat ka biscuit as well. How to make nachos at home with amaranth recipe (rajgira) Here I come with AMARANTH TOMATO NACHOS Such amazing flavors packed in a wholesome treat! Crispy, crunchy , and oh so YUMM!!  ingredients 2 green chilies 1 tomato a few curry/coriander leaves grind to paste  If you do not want to use this paste, add 1/4 cup water instead. heat on medium, add 1/4 tsp salt  continue to cook, add 1/2 tsp of beetroot powder (optional) add 2 pinches of jaggery mix once it boils, remove from heat add 1 tbsp fl