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Sfouf: Lebanese Turmeric Cake Eggless Spiced With Ginger

The yellow cake, as I call Sfouf, is a golden baked beauty from Lebanon. The Lebanese turmeric cake is bursting with the subtle flavors of ginger and honey, brimming with the goodness of aniseed or fennel, and spiced with the anti-inflammatory turmeric, which gives it an intense golden hue. lebanese turmeric cake You will love everything about this turmeric cake, because it uses no sugar uses no artificial ingredients uses anti-inflammatory ginger uses anti-allergic, antibacterial, antiviral turmeric replaces sugar with honey is extremely light is quick to make is butter free is dairy free and sans white flour or maida eggless sfouf -the turmeric cake So what inspired me to bake Sfouf -the Lebanese turmeric cake  ? Well, the first time I saw this eggless semolina cake shared in a food group was a couple of years back. The use of turmeric in a cake was new to me. So it attracted my interest. Ever since this eggless cake has been on my mind, but I have be