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Water Saving Tips: Water Conservation A Necessity

water saving tips The most active ladies in my food group Healthy Recipes by Homemakers have been fighting against odds to save water. Yes, they have been striving to save even that last drop! No, they have never faced water shortage, but have been accustomed to using this natural resource rationally since childhood. They claim to have inherited these smart water saving tips from their super moms and even nanis (grandmoms). Hats off to my favorite girls. Water scarcity or shortage is the lack of adequate water resources to meet the needs of a region. Water shortage affects almost 2.8 billion people all  over the globe, with over 1.2 billion people having no access to potable water. All the water saving tips shared by them are sure to be a powerful driver for the new tomorrow! We asked these courageous homemakers how they save water. Here are snippets from the discussion on water scarcity and saving. I can't stand the sight of unnecessarily running taps. It hurts me mo

How to Stay Healthy; Eating Tips

Healthy eating is not a tough task, is it? In fact, if you are a health freak and addicted to a healthy lifestyle, there is no looking back! A healthy lifestyle is quite within reach! So what is the best way to stay healthy? The best way to stay fit and healthy is to make some lifestyle changes and exercise regularly. Of course, you cannot expect to keep fit if you continue with unhealthy lifestyle choices, including smoking, drinking alcohol, abusing drugs, overeating, and making bad food choices. ·           Regular exercise – cycling, walking, swimming or playing with kids - can improve your health in more ways than one. It can help: ·           Lower blood pressure ·           Keep you active ·           Strengthen your heart ·           Boost energy levels ·           Strengthen and build bones ·           Reduce fat ·           Improve muscle tone and strength ·           Improve sleep ·           Reduce stress, anxiety, tension, depression ·