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95% will say tofu making is tough (I say red lentils tofu is easy to make at home)

 you won't believe how easy tofu making is until you do it yourself. If you are looking for protein-rich tofu, making one with red lentils is a good idea. The tofu stays good in the fridge for 3-4 days and in the freezer for days together.  So let's begin making red lentil tofu. In India, red lentil is lal masur ki dal.  A little about red lentils Red lentils or masoor dal are one of the weight loss favorites that can be added to any weight loss diet for their nutritional benefits. There's a lot of dietary fiber and protein in masoor dal, which facilitates excess fat and weight loss, and proper bowel movement. Let's begin making tofu with red lentils  ingredients 1 cup- red lentils 1.5 cups of water for cooking sesame salt, pumpkin salt, rosemary, turmeric (you may replace with normal salt) for cooking tofu in airfryer 1 tbsp- olive oil or little more pumpkin salt rosemary soak 1 cup of red lentils overnight after rinsing it well. soaking of lentils helps reduce p

99% will say it's not chaat masala [I claim it's the best alternative recipe]

 here's presenting a chaat masala substitute like none other. you have never seen this type of chaat masala ever, I m sure about it. the easy recipe uses only a handful of ingredients to give you a flavor punch that will easily steal the show anywhere. so here are my chaat masala substitute ingredients I make small batches because I just need to fill up one storage jar. once it finishes, I make another bottle. dry roast 1/4 cup coriander seeds, 1/4 cup jeera seeds, a few whole red chilies. if you don't want to add red chili, omit and replace with black pepper corns (1 tsp). i have roasted the spices in airfryer at 160 deg c for 4-5 min. once roasted all you need to do is pulse the roasted spices to powder. now comes the magic ingredient- our pink salt. More Flavored Salt Options i use himalayan pink salt bricks. it is also known as mineral salt and has 84 trace elements. but the amount of iodine is low. however, since we are using it for chaat masala and not meal prep, it's