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Jowar Teething Biscuts Recipe Indian [Onam Sticks Gluten-Free in Airfryer]

Are you looking for a gluten-free teething sticks recipe for kids? I got a request to share gluten-free onam sticks for a child who is allergic to wheat. When you think of teething sticks, you can imagine a hard-to-bite biscuit that is packed with nutrition for your kid. The homemade teething biscuits should be best made without a sweetener.  Why should you avoid a sweetener for a baby? Well, it is reported that kids who get to taste sweet in their infancy develop a dislike for everything else. A child's taste buds are not developed at a tender age, which means you need not worry about taste when it comes to baking a recipe for babies. However, you still want to pack it with nutrition. Unless your child is allergic to almonds, you want to add this homemade nutty powder for a burst of flavor as well as nutrition for your tiny tot. I have added black salt in this recipe for teething babies but you can completely omit it or add a pinch of salt. Unless your baby has developed a taste f