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Eggless Brownies Without Baking Powder, Chocolate: Easy Brownies Recipe

Eggless brownies anyone? If you love brownies and have been looking for a healthy brownie recipe without baking powder or eggs, you are in for a surprise here. The post is all about eggless brownies without baking powder/eggs/soda/chocolate. Yes, so many exclusions for this brownie recipe does not make it any less flavorful.

Rather, this is one healthy brownie recipe that has been on my mind since I tried my eggless cake without baking powder/soda. The fact that the cake got positive reviews from different bakers motivated me further to go for a healthy brownie for those with chemical allergy. This simple recipe is a labor of love.
You ought to have some muscle power to try out the eggless brownie recipe without chocolate or baking powder/soda. The brownie recipe was designed especially for the bakewithbaker series on a Facebook group of bakers led by Sonia Gupta.
A little about the brownies and why the recipe is special It's Raksha Bandhan today - the day devoted to celebrating …

Healthy Diet for A Healthy Body & Mind: Exploring Metabolic Disorder Causes/How Healthy Lifestyle Helps

What goes in decides what comes out!
We may not like this fact but this is a reality nobody can deny, can you?
Your diet decides what your body becomes!

A healthy lifestyle is equal to a healthy body!
Do you know your body's metabolism is one of the critical factors in deciding your fitness and health? A poor metabolism could mean a diseased body. Your risk of thyroid, cardiovascular disease, obesity, stomach disorders, diabetes, hormonal disturbances, renal disease, liver dysfunction, and cancer increases with a metabolic disorder.

Your healthy lifestyle (including diet and fitness regime) can be a savior from chronic degenerative diseases! Yes, a healthy diet plays a critical role in determining your
cardiovascular  health - risk of heart diseasemetabolic health - risk of metabolic disordersweight management - risk of cancerinsulin management -risk of diabetes

How Do You Identify a Metabolic Disorder In simple words, metabolism is the process that turns food into energy. That m…

Diabetes-friendly recipes

Diabetes-friendly recipes
Food for diabetics - what & what not to eat!No Sugar does not mean diabetes friendly! Do not believe every word that falls on your ears.