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Easy Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies Recipe

coconut cookies Of course, you have savored branded coconut cookies innumerable times in your lifetime. It won't be wrong to say that you have also enjoyed the bakery coconut biscuits as well. But there is no comparison to home food. If you can bake cookies with healthy ingredients, there is no match to it. Earlier, I shared a wheat coconut cookie recipe using ghee. This time I have blended ghee and oil for a healthier twist. The result is not disappointing; rather, I simply love these cookies more than ever. Parul Bansal tried this coconut cookie recipe and shared her experience with me. I am so glad that her family loved these crunchy bites, flavored with coconut. Atta Cookie Recipe : 1 cup- wheat flour  1/2 cup desiccated coconut 2 tbsp - butter/ghee ( clarified butter)  3 tbsp- oil (I used saffola) I tbsp milk powdered sugar - as per taste 1 tsp baking powder Procedure for baking eggless coconut cookies wheat coconut cookies 1. Preheat the oven

Carrot, Capsicum Dal

carrot capsicum dal Dals are a common accompaniment to rice or rotis (Indian flat bread). Since childhood, we have been savoring these pulses in one form alone. Yes, in Punjab, dals are usually made as plain curries. But after getting married in an Odiya family, I have realized that dals make a delectable serving when blended with vegetables of your choice - yes, we can get that wholesome meal kinda feeling! I have tried different vegetables and blended them with arhar and chana dals but ever experimented with capsicum. This time I have gone ahead and used capsicum in moong dal along with carrot, after I came across a similar recipe in Yummy Tummy blog. My experiment was a success. Happy me! Let's get back to the recipe! Ingredients 1/2 cup yellow moong dal 2 carrots 1 capsicum 1 Garlic pod (10-15 garlic cloves) 1 dry red chilly, green chilly 1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds (methi dana) hing salt, haldi coriander leaves, curry leaves (kadipatta) 1 tbsp- oil 1 tomat

Instant Gatte Kadhi: No Onion Recipe

gatte kadhi If you love gatte, you have always tried these savory snacks with gram flour (besan). In continuation of my experimentation spree, I went ahead and tried gatte with a blend of besan, suji (semolina), and oats. This no onion recipe post is inspired by Ritu Mendiratta's Dahi wale gatte. I have used chana sattu (roasted bengal gram) in place of besan or chickpea flour. This is the yummiest ever gatte ki sabzi - do give it a try. Ingredients for dahi gatte ki sabzi For Gatte 1 cup- sattu 1 tsp- oil coriander powder- 1tsp 1/2tsp- Red chilly powder 1tsp Curd Salt, Ajwain (carom seeds), jeera (cumin seeds)  Haldi - 1 pinch For gravy  Curd 1 cup Water 1 cup + 2 cups Haldi -1 pinch Red chilly powder 1 tsp Salt , coriander powder For tadka Dried Red chilly 1 curry leaves a few Hing 1/2 tsp 1 tsp- ginger garlic paste 1 tsp-oil Let's make gatte first: Mix all the ingredients listed first under gatte. If you need little water, add 1/

Easy Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

The very word choco chip cookies will make any kid crazy, isn't it? Your bundles of joy are no exception either. You are always looking for a healthy cookie recipe for kids or for that matter everyone in the family. whole wheat chocolate chip oatmeal cookies another batch of digestives What if I say this choco chip oatmeal cookie recipe uses a blend of oatmeal and whole wheat flour? What if I say this healthy homemade whole wheat flour cookie recipe is enriched with olive oil? What if I say this uses no choco chips but choco flakes? Well, substitute chocos with choco chips to delight the kid in you. This batch of healthy cookies with whole wheat flour is a breeze to process. Just a few ingredients and you are done! I made just a few pieces of chocolate chip cookies, but when I tasted them I fretted having made a few. This is my take on choco chip cookies - a kid-friendly recipe! The crunch that chocos lend to this oatmeal chocolate chip cook