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Healthy Cookie Recipes With Jaggery by Parshotam Kaur [Healthy Cakes, Muffins Recipe Collection]

Whether you are looking for healthy cookie recipes, cookies with jaggery, jaggery biscuits recipes, healthy muffins recipes, healthy cakes recipes, you will find it all here. When you are on mercuryimp, you can think of only healthy stuff. WHY? We believe in healthy eating - clean eating - and healthy living. Here's a healthy baking series by Parshotam Kaur aunty . It's not for nothing that I call her cookie queen. :)  Semolina custard muffins recipe custard muffins ingredients 1/2 cup whole Wheat flour 1/4cup semolina 1/4cup custard pd 1/4cup butter /oil 1/4-1/3cup jaggery pd /sugar 1/4t sp b soda 2/3t sp BP Milk as required How to make custard muffins recipe Sieve flour, mix semolina, custard pd, BP, b soda & keep aside. In a bowl take jaggery pd /sugar & butter beat till creamy now add dry ingredients in batches & mix nicely add milk as required to make a batter of medium consistency, take 2sp of coco chips dust with flour and add to the batt

Baked Jowar Crackers Recipe With Jaggery [ JOWAR MATHRI RECIPE | Indian AIRFRYER RECIPES]

Are you looking for a gluten-free mathri recipe, then this baked jowar crackers recipe with jaggery can be a hit at your place. Many have already tried it. So why wait any longer to bake jowar mathri with jaggery at home? Give your gluten intolerant loved one a sweet treat to satiate their cravings for a sweet cracker with the baked jowar mathri. Topped with sesame seeds that add a nutty flavor to the jowar crackers, the mathri is baked without baking powder and soda. Sorghum mathri is a low-calorie cracker recipe. sorghum crackers recipe indian Jowar Benefits A digestive aid, sorghum is rich in fiber and phytochemicals Anti-inflammatory properties that keep free radicals away - which are linked to cancer cell growth Anti-diabetic- making jowar for diabetics a healthy whole grain alternative Helps improve insulin sensitivity A boon for dieters being a low-calorie gluten-free flour Here's the video recipe of baked jowar crackers recipe in airfryer Indian 3/4 c

No-KNEAD Whole Wheat Sourdough Focaccia India Healthy Bread Recipe in AIRFRYER [RAVNEET BHALLA]

If you have not started with sourdough, the time to do so is now!!! I admit I am an UNCONVENTIONAL baker, who goes with her heart in terms of baking. I do not follow the traditional/typical baking conventions, norms. I believe in self-learning through experimentation. When it gives me good results, I am happy to share the results with you.  Started with sourdough a few months ago - the first bake with sourdough was focaccia that was so very sour that I literally started wondering why would people eat sourdough when it was too sour in taste (they say, thus the name - sourdough).   But when you take something to heart and wish to be better at what you do everytime, you LEARN and UNLEARN a lot many things.  Now that I am experimenting with sourdough and learning from experience, my SOURDOUGH is no longer SOUR. It is the BEST thing on earth to learn and grab. BELIEVE YOU ME, friends. If you start with sourdough, you will never return to using commercial yeast even. The best thing (apart fr