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Coconut Biscotti With Semolina: How To Make Eggless Suji Cake Rusk With Whole Wheat Flour in Airfryer

You have relished coconut cakes, but ever thought of a coconutty biscotti? Well, if you are yet to try a coconut cake rusk with semolina , then I am giving you a failproof recipe. I love coconut and I am fond of eggless biscottis. When I decided to combine coconut with semolina, it gave me the yummiest eggless suji cake rusk recipe. Don't believe my words? eggless cake rusk suji  Then you better give this eggless biscotti recipe a try. What's so special about this  eggless suji cake  rusk  ? The semolina biscotti eggless : is flavored with rose water is bursting with the flavors of coconut does not use all purpose flour or maida uses whole wheat suji is quick to process is eggless is crunchy is too yummy to resist eggless suji cake rusk coconut  With so many takeaways, would you still want to wait o give this  eggless cake rusk with semolina  a try? If you wish to wait, then you're keeping your kids from munching on a heavenly treat, w