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Nankhatai Recipe Eggless | Besan, Atta Khatai | Easy Atta Nankhatai Quick Recipe No Oven Airfryer

Besan nankhatai holds a special place in my heart. The Indian shortbread cookie (aka atta besan nankhatai) melts in the mouth and can be had as is. It's a favorite with kids and elders alike. I remember dad bringing home besan nankhatais every time he visited our local bakery and it would be a feast time for us all. My siblings and I would love to indulge in besan nankhatais and even the maida ones. Back then, maida was not seen as a dragon in my culinary world. But now there has been a sea change in my life - the kid that I have always been craves for cookies even now but no longer enjoys market junk. Yes, storebought stuff is no longer welcome home. Rather, I have chosen to motivate others to take to healthy eating and baking. Since cookies are an everyday indulgence, it is but critically important not to indulge in unhealthy stuff. Rather, the idea is to pick healthier ingredients so we know what all is going in the cookies. We want to make bakes healthier s

Brownies Eggless Healthy Recipe From Scratch|| Egg-Free Brownie Recipe Easy Airfryer

Eggless brownies healthy recipe anyone? If you love brownies and have been looking for a healthy brownie recipe without baking powder or eggs, you are in for a surprise here. The post is all about eggless brownies without baking powder/eggs/soda/chocolate. Yes, so many exclusions for this brownie eggless healthy recipe from scratch does not make it any less flavorful. brownies eggless healthy airfryer recipe from scratch Rather, this is one healthy brownie recipe that has been on my mind since I tried my eggless cake without baking powder/soda. The fact that the cake got positive reviews from different bakers motivated me further to go for a healthy brownie for those with chemical allergy. This simple recipe is a labor of love. You ought to have some muscle power to try out the eggless brownie recipe without chocolate or baking powder/soda. The egg-free brownie recipe easy airfryer was designed especially for the bakewithbaker series on a Facebook group of bakers led

Healthy Diet for A Healthy Body & Mind: Exploring Metabolic Disorder Causes/How Healthy Lifestyle Helps

What goes in decides what comes out! We may not like this fact but this is a reality nobody can deny, can you? Your diet decides what your body becomes! A healthy lifestyle is equal to a healthy body! Do you know your body's metabolism is one of the critical factors in deciding your fitness and health? A poor metabolism could mean a diseased body. Your risk of thyroid, cardiovascular disease, obesity, stomach disorders, diabetes, hormonal disturbances, renal disease, liver dysfunction, and cancer increases with a metabolic disorder. Your healthy lifestyle (including diet and fitness regime) can be a savior from chronic degenerative diseases! Yes, a healthy diet plays a critical role in determining your cardiovascular  health - risk of heart disease metabolic health - risk of metabolic disorders weight management - risk of cancer insulin management -risk of diabetes How Do You Identify a Metabolic Disorder In simple words, metabolism is the proc

Ajwain Cookies Without Baking Powder: Crispy Oats Biscuits Recipe Indian Without Oven [Airfryer Cookies Recipe]

Oats cookies are my favorite. What about you? What's new about these oatmeal cookies and what makes these special that they have found a spot on the bakewithbaker series on Anybody Can Bake with Sonia Gupta? Well,it is a simple cookie recipe without baking powder or soda, flavored with gut-friendly carom seeds. The healthy cookies are addictive and oh so therapeutic. I can relate the taste to some of my favorite childhood cookies. Crispy, crunchy bites with powdered poha or rice flakes and fiber-rich oatmeal make for a healthy snacking option for your tea time. ajwain cookies Remembering good old days of dadis and nanis when everything was homemade and had "health" written everywhere. I remember my dadi not letting us eat anything outside. What we ordered would be there always. We were kids and dadi knew how to make her grandchildren happy and healthy. Those were the days when there were no chemicals in food. So why should we add chemicals when we know

Oily Skin Home Remedies: How to Treat Blemishes, Acne, Oily Pores/Home Remedy for Pimples

Do Oily Skin Remedies Work? Are you looking for oily skin remedies ?  oily skin problems Well, oily skin is often related to pimples, acne breakouts, whiteheads, and blackheads. The overproduction of sebum is responsible for your oily skin. Located under the surface of the skin, the sebaceous gland produces sebum, which is an oily substance made of fats. In normal conditions, sebum moisturizes your skin and keeps it glowing. However, too much of sebum due to stress, hormonal imbalance, and genetics may make your skin oily, resulting in clogged pores and acne. The release of natural oils from the skin helps retain moisture and prevent it from drying. But too much of sebum may clog pores and cause all types of skin problems. Here are a few home remedies for oily skin. Oily Skin Remedies: Causes 1.        Genetics Your genetics might be the culprit behind your oily skin. Perhaps you have inherited oily skin from your parents. This may make you more susceptible t

6 Gluten-Free Diet Dangers That You Didn’t Know: Easy Gluten-Free Recipes

gluten-free There is a lot of buzz about going  gluten-free  these days. But unless you are sensitive to gluten or suffer from celiac disease, you may not need to switch to a gluten-free diet. Most people are going the gluten-free route, owing to the belief that gluten can have deleterious effects on health. Gluten in whole grains triggers inflammation in celiac disease patients and it might cause intestinal damage too. Alternatively, it may raise the risk of coronary heart disease in gluten intolerant people. But it’s fast becoming a fashion to go gluten-free in order to boost energy, lose weight, reduce calorie intake, or feel healthier. The gluten-free diet dangers outnumber the benefits for many people. So the next time you decide to eliminate gluten from your diet without any specific reason, do not forget to consider the dangers of gluten-free diet . gluten-free diet dangers If you are not gluten intolerant, it might be a mistake to eliminate gluten food

Semolina Cookies Recipe Without Baking Powder, Soda: Flavor Bombs Suji Biscuits Indian

 If you are wondering how to bake with semolina , then this recipe is for you. If you have been on the lookout for a semolina cookies recipe, then go for this one. If you love spicy flavorful cookies, then indulge in these flavor bombs. Semolina cookies are easy to make at home. In fact, semolina is just a versatile flour to work with. You can bake a semolina cookie or a semolina bread or a semolina cracker and enjoy healthy, flavorful preparations. semolina cookies without baking powder, soda If you love your tea time, you will become even more passionate about it with these flavorful semolina cookies. Indian semolina biscuits are crispy, crunchy and just perfect for tea time. In fact, if you can bake a batch of semolina cookies without baking powder, soda, there is no comparison. Perhaps the Indian semolina biscuits are flavor bombs that I have fallen in love with, thanks to the inclusion of homemade thandai powder. eggless thandai cookies with semolina without