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Learn How To Make The Most Delicious 😋 Makhana Kesar Pista Kulfi Without Cream, Sugar

Makhana Kulfi offers a delightful and healthy alternative to traditional ice cream. This kesar pista kulfi recipe is easy to follow and perfect for those seeking a nutritious and refreshing summer dessert. Makhana Kulfi Ingredients: This recipe yields a delicious and healthy Indian ice cream treat. Here's what you'll need: 1 tablespoon millet rava (suji) 6-8 cashews 2 cups milk ½ cup jaggery (adjust based on your desired sweetness) Green cardamom powder (amount to taste) 1 handful makhana (fox nuts) A few saffron strands (optional) Pistachios (chopped, for garnish) Instructions Simmer the Base : In a pot, combine millet rava, cashews, milk, and cardamom powder. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat and simmer until the mixture thickens slightly. A dd Makhana and Sweetener: Add the makhana (fox nuts) and your chosen sweetener (jaggery powder in this case). Continue cooking and stirring until the mixture thickens further and the makhana softens. For an extra touch,

DIY Travel -Friendly Lemonade Powder (Quick & Healthy 😜)

As the summer sun warms your skin and the days lengthen, there's nothing quite like a cool, refreshing glass of lemonade. But what if you could capture that citrusy essence and enjoy it year-round? This recipe unlocks the secret to homemade lemon powder, a delightful way to preserve the taste of summer and create instant lemonade whenever the craving strikes. This recipe outlines how to make dehydrated lemon powder at home. The powder can be stored and used later to create instant lemonade or other citrusy drinks. It requires just a few ingredients like fresh lemons, a sweetener, and optional flavorings. The process involves juicing lemons, thickening the mixture, dehydrating it thoroughly, and grinding it into a powder. ## Homemade Lemon Powder for Refreshing Summer Drinks This recipe offers a convenient way to enjoy the taste of fresh lemons year-round, perfect for travel or creating instant lemonade. Made with just a few key ingredients, this homemade lemon powder is a healthy