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Brownies Eggless Healthy Recipe From Scratch|| Egg-Free Brownie Recipe Easy Airfryer

Eggless brownies healthy recipe anyone? If you love brownies and have been looking for a healthy brownie recipe without baking powder or eggs, you are in for a surprise here. The post is all about eggless brownies without baking powder/eggs/soda/chocolate. Yes, so many exclusions for this brownie eggless healthy recipe from scratch does not make it any less flavorful.
brownies eggless healthy airfryer recipe from scratch

Rather, this is one healthy brownie recipe that has been on my mind since I tried my eggless cake without baking powder/soda. The fact that the cake got positive reviews from different bakers motivated me further to go for a healthy brownie for those with chemical allergy. This simple recipe is a labor of love.

You ought to have some muscle power to try out the eggless brownie recipe without chocolate or baking powder/soda. The egg-free brownie recipe easy airfryer was designed especially for the bakewithbaker series on a Facebook group of bakers led by Sonia Gupta.
brownies without chocolate baking powder

A Little About Airfryer Brownies and Why the Eggless Healthy Brownie Recipe is Special

It's Raksha Bandhan today - the day devoted to celebrating the brother-sister bond. India and Indians have been celebrating this festival since eons.

The brother vows to safeguard his sister forever on this day.
Like all brothers, my little brother (he is no longer little though - he is a dad already) is close to my heart. The day is special because it is dedicated to us both.

While I am sitting miles away from him this day, I wanted to bake something chocolaty, since he is a chocolate boy. I have seen him relishing chocolates like anything. So this brownie is dedicated to my dear brother.

Unlike typical brownies that use all-purpose flour, this one combines fiber-rich barley flour with ultra protein-packed brown rice atta (homemade). To make the brownies brown, the recipe combines cocoa powder.

Now you must be wondering whether the brownies taste like brownies.
Frankly, I have never had a brownie in my life. This was my first baked brownie recipe. Previously I have shared one no-bake brownie recipe, which was loved by everyone.

But this brownie recipe gives you brownies that you can enjoy guilt-free. These aren't gooey but have a crispy crust and soft inside.

The melt-in-mouth feel comes from the softness imbued by a mix of butter, curd, and flax egg.

Ingredients for Brownies Eggless Healthy Recipe From Scratch

1 cup=240ml
50 gram-butter 3.5 tbsp
50 gram-hung curd- 3 tbsp
2 tbsp- flax powder/meal +6 tbsp water
50 gram-1/2 cup- barley flour *
50 gram ¼ cup- brown rice atta *
¼ cup- cocoa powder
Nuts of your choice (optional)
3/4 -1 cup- jaggery powder (I have used only 1/2 cup but you should go for little more)

* I tried out the recipe with whole wheat flour alone. Check below

How to make eggless brownies healthy from scratch without baking powder/soda

The base of this recipe is a sponge cake recipe - that uses equal amounts of fat, flour, and sweetener
Whip together butter and raw cane sugar/jaggery powder until light and fluffy.
Add hung curd and whip again for 2 minutes. At this point, the mix might look curdled.
Worry not, freeze it as is for 5-10 minutes only.
Remove from the freezer and start whipping immediately.
Stir in half of flax egg and whip again.
Add the rest of the flax egg. Whip until it all looks well combined.
The whole whipping process should be at least 10 minutes. The more the better.
If you use a hand beater, you might need to beat for 20-30 minutes. I have this experience when I baked my no baking powder/soda egglesscake. The cake was super soft, flavorful, and moist.
Keep it aside.
Now it’s time to sift the dry ingredients.
Sifting should be done at least 10-20 times. Yes, my dear friends, for a cake that uses no raising agents and eggs, sifting and whisking hold the key.
The more the merrier.
I sifted for at least 15 times.
Preheat oven/otg/convection/airfryer to 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Airfryer can be preheated for 5 mins only.
Let’s mix dry with wet.
Set aside 1 tbsp of the creamed mix. We will mix the rest with dry ingredients.
Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients.
Pour all the creamed mix (minus 1 tbsp) into the dry ingredients.
Please be extra careful at this stage.
We have worked very hard at incorporating air into the batter. If you hurry this step, you might end up with an unbaked or dense cake brownies.
The idea is only to fold the batter. DO NOT OVERMIX PLEASE.
Pour into a brownie pan. I do not own one so opted to bake the brownies in my cake pan.
Make sure you have the baking tin greased and dusted with flour already.
Top the batter with 1 tbsp of the creamed mix that we had set aside.
You may use a spoon or brush to spread it on top of the batter.
Tap the tin 4-5 times before baking to remove trapped air bubbles.
(I removed ¼ cup of the batter for cookies and added ¼ cup of extra brown rice atta to make cookies.)
Bake or airfry for 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees.
To your surprise, the brownie batter without baking powder/soda will still rise. You will also see a beautifully cracked top just like a typical brownie.
This was an experiment and I loved doing it. The end result was soft, moist, flavorful brownies. You may add walnuts or any other toasted nuts to the batter. This will take the brownies to another level.

Tried the same airfryer brownie recipe with whole wheat flour and sorghum (jowar)
2 tbsp- butter
2 tbsp- hung curd
1 tbsp-flax meal +3 tbsp water (keep aside for 10minutes)
7 tbsp- raw cane sugar (add sweetener as per your taste preferences)
1/4 cup- whole wheat flour
1/4 cup- sorghum atta
1/4 cup- cocoa powder
walnuts (optional)

Follow the same process as stated above and bake for 20-25 minutes for brownies. This time I used a hand whisker for the creaming process.

How to make biscottis with this batter/dough without baking powder/spda:

I went ahead and baked for 35-40 minutes. The result was simply amazing.. the end product was just like PERK chocolate.


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