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A Simple and Savory Tandoori Mango Chutney Recipe

This recipe captures the smoky essence of tandoori cooking in a vibrant and flavorful chutney. Perfectly balanced between sweet, tart, and spicy, it's a delightful condiment for any meal.  Ingredients * 1 raw mango (unripe) * Fresh mint leaves, to taste * 1-2 green chilies, depending on desired spice level * 2 tablespoons date palm jaggery (or honey) increase the amount to suit your taste buds * Black salt, to taste * 1 onion, chopped Instructions 1. ** Roast the Mango: ** Using a gas stovetop, char the raw mango directly over an open flame. Rotate the mango frequently to ensure even roasting, until the skin appears blackened and blistered.  2. ** Cool and Peel: **  Immediately transfer the roasted mango to a bowl of cold water. This sudden temperature change helps loosen the skin. Once cool enough to handle, peel away the charred skin – it should come off easily.  3. ** Prepare the Chutney: **  In a food processor or blender, combine the peeled mango flesh, mint leaves, green chil

Ditch the sugar: craft your own DIY Natural soda 😉 | healthy probiotics

Craft Your Own Probiotic Soda: A Do-It- Yourself Guide for Fizzy Refreshment Craving a refreshing drink but want to ditch the store-bought sugar bombs? Dive into the world of DIY probiotic sodas!** This recipe empowers you to create a bubbly beverage bursting with flavor, all while incorporating the potential health benefits of probiotics. Let's ditch the artificial ingredients and craft a gut-friendly soda sensation from scratch! Ingredients Sterilized Glass Bottle:   Ensuring a clean and sterilized container is essential for safe fermentation. Sweetener : Here, you have the option of using 4 tablespoons or more of pre-made lemonade powder for a citrusy base. Amount depends on the size of your bottle. You can always do a taste test after adding water. Alternatively, if you prefer a different flavor profile, you can combine a natural sweetener of your choice with fresh fruit. Water :  Leave sufficient headspace in the bottle after adding water to allow for gas expansion during ferm