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Jowar Recipe of Crackers [No Maida Maska Chaska Sorghum Cookies in Air Fryer]

Looking for another sorghum recipe in India ? This jowar crackers recipe of maska chaska is inspired by my dear Parshotam Kaur aunty's barley Fifty Fifty biscuits. In aunty's words, "After eating it you all will forget market bought fifty fifty or krack jack." That tells you all about the healthy jau cookies. So taking inspiration from her salty biscuits recipe, I have come up with jowar cookies masala chaska recipe. A cookie lover would instantly fall in love with these savory bites flavored with carminative cumin and flavorful kasuri methi.  Baking with sorghum flour This is another example of how to bake jowar cookies . Is baking with sorghum flour difficult? My experience says it is the easiest to bake with jowar. In fact, you can bake cookies, cakes, crackers, pies, and what not with this amazingly healthy and nutritious sorghum flour. Ingredients 1 cup=240 ml 1/2 cup- jowar 2 tbsp- solid ghee 2.5 tbsp- thick curd (add 1/2 tbsp extra only if the dough feels very

Atta Gur Ke Shakarpara Recipe Baked in Airfryer [Indian Recipe by Ravneet Bhalla]

  Ever tried making atta gud ke shakarpara recipe at home or shakarpali with whole wheat flour and Jaggery? I bring to you a vegan Indian recipe of healthy cookies that will interest you and kids. I have nostalgic memories of gur para as a Punjabi, where shakarpara is a symbol of festivities and celebrations along with mathri. But long gone are the days when I used to dig in all these snacks for Punjabi weddings that made them unique. Since I quit maida, nothing interests me. But the love for mathri and shakarpara is eternal and I have been trying to control myself whenever someone sends these sweets home. Now it's high time I tried making homemade shankarpali with jaggery. shakarpare with gur Did the Punjabi gur para online recipe disappoint? Na ji na! Had it disappointed, I would never share it on this platform - Ravneet Bhalla practices what she preaches. I know the amount of hard work each one of you puts into when following recipes online. So why share a recipe that does not w

Carrot Kanji Recipe [Indian Probiotic Drink for A Healthy Gut, Digestive Recipe]

  Red Carrot Kanji Recipe| Carrot Kombucha (Gajar Ki Kanji Benefits Gut, Digestive Health) This red carrot kanji recipe takes inspiration from Deepti Agarwal's black carrot kanji recipe, which is her nani's recipe. Here's my trial with kanji..I have made it with red carrot alone. Yes, the Punjaban in me loved the spicy & tangy probiotic. Super yum and Healthy Thanks dear for inspiring me to try the gut-friendly drink. homemade red carrot kanji recipe indian probiotic Is Carrot Kanji good for health and how do you make red carrot kanji at home? Here's presenting lal gajar ki kanji recipe inspired by my dear friend Deepti Aggarwal's black carrot kanji recipe, which is her heirloom recipe and has been in her family for generations. Is Kanji alcoholic? No, fruit turns into alcohol if it is left in a bath of water enclosed in a jar. Here we are not closing the lid; rather, tying a cloth for oxygen inflow, which prevents kanji from becoming alcoholic. What is Kanji ma

How To Make Healthy Raw Mixed Sprouts Salad Recipe for Breakfast [Mung Bean Sprouts Recipe by Ravneet Bhalla]

The mixed sprouts salad recipe for breakfast recipe is here. "Can sprouts be eaten for breakfast?" someone asked me the other day. My answer was an absolute yes! Sprouts make an extremely nutritious breakfast. The best part is it is part of a healthy breakfast and is ready in a jiffy. No hassle. No-fuss. The mung sprouts salad recipe for breakfast or weight loss is in demand for its high protein content. Not only this, sprouts salad packs a powerful antioxidant and fiber punch. It gives you all the benefits that you can obtain from whole food. Can we eat sprouts on empty stomach? There is no risk in choosing a salad recipe for breakfast. In fact, sprouts salad makes a healthy breakfast recipe for weight watchers. At what time we should eat sprouts? It is best to eat a little amount of sprouts at any time of the day. They make you feel full for longer so this reduces the risk of guilty indulgence in convenient foods. Can we eat sprouts daily for weight loss? If you are no

Odia Recipe Collection Videos |Saunjana Fali Vegetable Recipe

let's travel to Odisha - the beautiful awe-inspiring Chilika   Dalma Odia recipe Paneer kasa or paneer bharta odia recipe by MIL Odia recipe of biri chakuli Kadali bhaja Odia curry powder recipe by MIL If you are bored of the traditional garam masala, go for the typical odia curry powder. Most flavorful garam masala-cum- Odia curry powder - There's something special about this Aromatic yet minimal curry powder that my MIL makes to turn a bland curry Aromatic.  Used in curries and stir fries. If you ask me to vote for garam masala or Odia curry powder, I will opt for the latter. Try this out for a change from the normal garam masala and spice up your curries. Soon after marriage, I was in Odisha. At that time, I got the opportunity to savor lip-smacking recipes from my MIL's Odiya kitchen. Odiya cuisine is a foodie's delight. In fact, Odiyas are big-time foodies.  They have such a diverse and rich food culture. For ceremonies, such as wedding or thread ceremonies or even

Bajra Cake Recipe With Dates (Eggless, Gluten-Free Cake by Ravneet Bhalla)

 Bajra cake with dates is a delicious Bajra flour recipe for my gluten-intolerant friends. whether you are looking for a millet flour recipe for cake or an eggless Bajra cake, try out this one-bowl cake recipe. Bajra is a highly nutritous millet; however, there are a lot of anti-nutrients and phytates in pearl millet, which limit the bioavailability of its minerals. Soaking, sprouting, and roasting can help reduce the phytates and anti-nutrients in bajra while improving the bioavailability of iron and magnesium along with other minerals. Besides, bajra is packed with antioxidants, which makes it a go-to millet for those on a cancer diet. Phenolic compounds are known to play a role in suppressing tumor development.  Which is better jowar or bajra? Pearl millet has a larger percentage of germ out of the total kernel than that of sorghum. That means bajra has higher protein and lower starch than jowar.   Research  statistics reveal 17.4% germ in pearl millet compared with 9.8% in sorghum.

Jowar Chocolate Biscuits With Jaggery Without Baking Powder, Soda (Gluten-Free Recipe by Ravneet Bhalla)

  A look-alike jowar hide and seek biscuit recipe with jaggery is here. This gluten-free cookie recipe without baking powder or soda is crispy to the core with chocolaty flavor, making them stand out. Ravneet Bhalla loves healthy cookie recipes but that does not I indulge in guilty eating. One cookie with 1 cup of tea/coffee is good enough for me. But there has to be a cookie to pair with my hot cuppa of tea/coffee. Do you love healthy biscuits? Wondering how to bake with sorghum flour? Looking for jaggery biscuits recipe without baking powder or soda? Ravneet Bhalla posts a lot of healthy cookies recipes without raising agents. Follow the cookie baking basics for beginners guide to learn how to bake healthy gluten-free cookies with jaggery, that too, chemical free. What are the benefits of sorghum or jowar? Sorghum is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, tannins, and phytochemicals that are known to improve health. Sorghum fractions possess high antioxidant activity compared with other

How to make Lacto Fermented Yellow Mustard Recipe in India| Natural Ferments (Probiotic-Rich Mustard Sauce)

The easiest lacto fermented mustard Indian recipe is here. Fermented mustard is a little pungent, a little acidic, a little bitter initially, and deeply complex in flavors. If fermented foods give you a hard time preparing, learn the process of lacto-fermenting for your gut. Lacto-fermented foods are a healthy addition to your meals and are packed with probiotics. Lacto-fermented mustard is undoubtedly the easiest to do, which ferments quickly and might go bad if you leave it outside at room temperature for more than 2 days (especially if you see fermentation bubbles all over). It takes only five minutes to whip up all the ingredients that you pack in a small sterilized glass jar. Wait for the beneficial bacteria to do the rest of the job, that is, ferment the mustard and improve its flavors gradually. Once it sits in the fridge, the flavors develop and become intense. You may then enjoy fermented mustard in India with baked pakodas or just like any other condiment. It's that good