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Atta Gur Ke Shakarpara Recipe Baked in Airfryer [Indian Recipe by Ravneet Bhalla]

 Ever tried making atta gud ke shakarpara recipe at home or shakarpali with whole wheat flour and Jaggery? I bring to you a vegan Indian recipe of healthy cookies that will interest you and kids. I have nostalgic memories of gur para as a Punjabi, where shakarpara is a symbol of festivities and celebrations along with mathri. But long gone are the days when I used to dig in all these snacks for Punjabi weddings that made them unique. Since I quit maida, nothing interests me. But the love for mathri and shakarpara is eternal and I have been trying to control myself whenever someone sends these sweets home. Now it's high time I tried making homemade shankarpali with jaggery.

shakarpare with gur
Did the Punjabi gur para online recipe disappoint? Na ji na! Had it disappointed, I would never share it on this platform - Ravneet Bhalla practices what she preaches. I know the amount of hard work each one of you puts into when following recipes online. So why share a recipe that does not work ?
gur pare with whole wheat in air fryer Indian recipe
I won't ever do that. This is the best atta gur para recipe baked and not fried. I am 100% sure, the gud ke shakarpara recipe would appeal to your taste buds.

What is name of Gud in English? Jaggery What is shakkarpara? Shakar or gur para is a type of deep-fried biscuit that is simmered in a thick sugar or jaggery syrup to dry. Is Gur and shakkar same? Gur is jaggery while shakkar is often referred to as sugar. I love gur para, do you?
Punjabi gur para has a unique flavor of fennel and tastes yum. Here's may healthy version of gur para online with whole wheat. This baked shakarpara recipe gives me a healthy wheat shakarpara with jaggery that I can indulge in guilt free.
What's more, the gur para recipe does not use dairy, making it a vegan Indian recipe of healthy biscuits in airfryer. However, feel free to substitute extra virgin olive oil with ghee if you prefer it that way. You will still get excellent results.

Ingredients of shankarpali with wheat flour jaggery baked
1 cup=240ml
1/2 cup- whole wheat flour
3 tablespoon- extra virgin olive oil or liquid ghee
1 tsp water (optional for shakarpara- but not for crunchy bites)
1/2 cup- jaggery powder
pinch of salt
1 tbsp- saunf (fennel seeds)

I am crazy for gur pare since childhood? Are you? But the maida ones no longer interest me. In fact, in Punjab, when relatives offer sweet boxes with shakarpare on wedding occasions, I either do not bring those boxes home or give it to those who happily munch on them. My maid, for example.

Why I do not eat maida ones?

1. Maida is only empty calories. It raises blood sugar levels as it is quickly absorbed (since it lacks any fiber). That means you are tempted to eat more and do not feel full easily. 

2. It is deep fried. I am miles away from all fried stuff, seriously. Deep frying adds loads of calories, fat, and carbon to your food. Here's my detailed post on why you should avoid deep-fried foods.

3. They use refined sugar - which is nothing but empty calories, just like maida. I do not buy sugar or maida. It's been a practice since marriage (the time when I assumed control of my kitchen). This does not mean jaggery does not have calories, which are used in the atta gur ke shakarpare recipe. Though jaggery has the same amount of calories as refined sugar, it is nevertheless a healthier alternative in terms of nutrition. Yes, jaggery or gur has a lot of minerals and molasses - the brown color is from molasses (sugarcane juice). 

So why not bake gur pare with atta or whole wheat to make this traditional Indian recipe healthy in airfryer!! 

gur ke pare with whole wheat flour

How to make atta gurpara in airfryer

Add to a mixer grinder jaggery powder, saunf, oil, and atta.
Remove in a bowl. Bring together into a dough.
It will be extremely crumbly but you can still make crunchy atta biscuits with jaggery with this.
Watch the video as to how I do it perfectly.

But if this is a problem and you wanna make gur para instead of wheat biscuit, add water and bring together into a dough ball. DO NOT KNEAD.
CUT shapes. Keep thick.
Preheat oven, airfryer, convection, otg to 160 degrees c for 10 min (airfryer for 5 min)
You may add sesame seeds and give shapes.
Bake for 8-12 min at 160 deg c, depending on the timing of your machine.
Timing might vary - in some appliances, gur paras might be done in 8 minutes while others might take 10-12 minutes.
So keep an eye on your atta ke shakarpare with gud after 8 minutes.
If they feel too soft to touch, bake longer.
Else, your gurpare or shankarpali is ready to be relished.
But wait.
Let them cool down, friends.
PS: All flours behave differently. So if yours has a lot of fiber, you may need 1 tbsp extra of fast (oil or ghee).

Is an air fryer a healthy investment?

Check my detailed post here.
Feedback on wheat ke shakarpare with jaggery by Parshotam Kaur aunty

More Indian traditional recipes made healthier in airfryer and without baking

If you are crazy for healthy biscuits online, then this channel will leave you with a plethora of atta biscuits recipes with jaggery that do not use baking soda or powder. What's more, Ravneet Bhalla believes in clean eating and that reflects here. My channel is a testimony to all my successful culinary experiments. I do not run after millions of views but believe in sharing all that I know - whether it gives me a handful of views.


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