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How To Make Healthy Raw Mixed Sprouts Salad Recipe for Breakfast [Mung Bean Sprouts Recipe by Ravneet Bhalla]

The mixed sprouts salad recipe for breakfast recipe is here. "Can sprouts be eaten for breakfast?" someone asked me the other day. My answer was an absolute yes!

Sprouts make an extremely nutritious breakfast. The best part is it is part of a healthy breakfast and is ready in a jiffy. No hassle. No-fuss. The mung sprouts salad recipe for breakfast or weight loss is in demand for its high protein content. Not only this, sprouts salad packs a powerful antioxidant and fiber punch. It gives you all the benefits that you can obtain from whole food.

Can we eat sprouts on empty stomach? There is no risk in choosing a salad recipe for breakfast. In fact, sprouts salad makes a healthy breakfast recipe for weight watchers.

At what time we should eat sprouts? It is best to eat a little amount of sprouts at any time of the day. They make you feel full for longer so this reduces the risk of guilty indulgence in convenient foods.

Can we eat sprouts daily for weight loss? If you are not allergic to sprouts, you can eat them on a daily basis without any fear.

Do sprouts make you gain weight? Mung sprouts are whole foods - fiber and protein-rich. In fact, all sprouts are packed with antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients.

What is the healthiest sprouts to eat? Mung sprouts are the easiest to make and the healthiest of all. It is best to enjoy mixed sprouts salad with fruits and microgreens for a complete meal. However, eating sprouts regularly may not be a good idea as there is always a risk of bacterial infection for pregnant and lactating mothers. You may instead use sprouted flours and powders prepared hygienically at home.

Will sprouts cause gas? If eaten alone, sprouts may cause bloating and gas. It is best to mix and match sprouts with fruits so that you can enjoy their goodness as part of a controlled portion.

Should sprouts be boiled? Well, heating may result in nutrient loss. But compared to refined ingredients, sprouts are still healthy. Boiling can help improve digestion further.

If your idea of clean eating involves whole foods, then the mixed sprouts salad recipe will be a big hit at home.

How to lose weight?

One question that troubles you often, right? Well, how did you gain weight - explore and find reasons. Weight gain happens over a period of time. Nobody becomes obese overnight.

It's your food choices that put you under the burden of your own weight, making you feel obese and overweight. But there are ways to control weight.

A healthy diet and clean eating can help you get back in shape. But that does not mean switching to jaggery from sugar or eating the same portions.

You ought to eat healthy, whole foods and turn your dancing shoes on. You ought to stay active and kicking so that all excess calories are consumed/exhausted and not deposited as fat bags around your belly.

A healthy lifestyle is all about clean eating, making the right food choices, staying active and kicking, and keeping stress under control. This also means hitting the bed in time and getting up early. To get started with a healthy diet, you may choose this mixed sprouts salad recipe for breakfast. Or if you experience hunger pangs in the evening, you could try to include a fruit salad for weight loss instead of reaching out to convenient foods.

How to make healthy mixed sprouts salad at home

Sprout mung beans and black and white chickpeas.

Finely chop 2 apples, 1 onion, 1 tomato.

Keep carrot microgreens (grown from waste carrot heads), coriander leaves, mint leaves handy.

Let's assemble the mixed sprouts salad recipe in India.

Put into a big bowl chopped apples, onion, and tomato.

Top with sprouted mung beans 1/4 cup and 2 tbsp of chickpeas.

Add black salt, black pepper powder, and 1 tsp of flaxmeal.

Drizzle 2 tbsp of beetroot kanji or carrot kanji or apple cider vinegar or raisin vinegar (all homemade). If you do not have any of these natural probiotics handy, you may use lemon instead and make it lemon with green gram sprouts.

Lemon with green gram sprouts benefits are aplenty. You get an antioxidant, fiber, and protein punch. In addition, you may sprinkle homemade orange peel powder or lemon peel powder for a flavor punch that packs Vitamin C as well.

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