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Odia Recipe Collection Videos |Saunjana Fali Vegetable Recipe

let's travel to Odisha - the beautiful awe-inspiring Chilika


Dalma Odia recipe

Paneer kasa or paneer bharta odia recipe by MIL

Odia recipe of biri chakuli

Kadali bhaja

Odia curry powder recipe by MIL

If you are bored of the traditional garam masala, go for the typical odia curry powder. Most flavorful garam masala-cum- Odia curry powder - There's something special about this Aromatic yet minimal curry powder that my MIL makes to turn a bland curry Aromatic. 
Used in curries and stir fries.
If you ask me to vote for garam masala or Odia curry powder, I will opt for the latter. Try this out for a change from the normal garam masala and spice up your curries.

Soon after marriage, I was in Odisha. At that time, I got the opportunity to savor lip-smacking recipes from my MIL's Odiya kitchen. Odiya cuisine is a foodie's delight. In fact, Odiyas are big-time foodies. 

They have such a diverse and rich food culture. For ceremonies, such as wedding or thread ceremonies or even someone's death, they throw lavish feasts, of course, depending on the occasion. Celebrations are marked with gala feasts. I have recently had the opportunity to feast upon Odiya delicacies. Yes, I do love Odiya food, especially made by my MIL. She is just amazing in the kitchen.

Jeera or cumin seeds- 100 gram (1/2 cup)
coriander seeds- 300 gram (1.5 cups)
chickpea lentils/buta dali or chana dal- 10 gram (2 tbsp)
green elaichi- 10 gram (10-12)
black cardamom-10 gram (6-8)
cinnamon- 20 gram (4-5 sticks)
black pepper- 5 gram - 1 tsp
clove (lavang) 5gram- tsp
bay leaf- 10
turmeric- 1 tsp
red chilli powder (as per taste)
jaiphal (nutmeg)- 1
So let's come to the garam masala-cum-curry powder recipe. I loved the distinct aroma, taste of the garam masala that my MIL made for me during my first visit to Odisha. I still remember I loved that masala so much that I shared one big packet with my own mother as well.

This garam masala-cum-curry powder is good to go in curries, stir fries, or just about anything! So this time I got the recipe written from my MIL, so I could share it with you all. Though I couldn't replicate the taste (since the roasting of masalas was done one by one by my sasu ma on an earthen pot then...contrarily, I have roasted all the spices together on a stove top...yes, this does make a big difference), it still is a great savior and much better alternative to outside masalas.

The best thing about Indian masalas is that every single ingredient offers health benefits - of course, if consumed in moderation.

Dahi Baigan recipe by MIL

Odia nadia puro recipe by MIL

Potol Korma

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Odia tomato Khata [tomato khajur khatta]

Potol jhol [ parwal tarkari recipe by Odia MIL]

Ou khatta recipe [Odia chutney recipe by MIL]

Moong dalma recipe by MIL

Odia chuda gunda recipe [ How to make poha powder/atta at home]

How to store tamarind for lifetime by odia MIL [Tentuli]

Odia ghanta recipe by MIL

Habisa dalma recipe by Odia MIL

Chuin Besara Badi [drumstick curry [Saunjana Fali Vegetable Recipe]

Odia chatua recipe [multigrain horlicks powder]

Tentuli achaar recipe by Odisha MIL [imli ka khatta meetha achaar]


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