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Oil: Which is Better

Query from Anita Chahal aunty ji: I have a very basic query Please advise,which is the best refined oil to be that is healthy,as well as affordable I normally use mustard oil for all dry vegetables ,,and soyabean oil (mahakosh,or ginni) for gravies etc. Tomorrow ,I have to go to get my kitchen supplies,so thought of getting expert advice from you and Amit ji Here are snippets from our discussion on cooking oil : Though I am not an expert in the niche, my research says that we should be wise enough to interchange oils after a few weeks (say 15 days) . It is even better if we use different types of oil for different recipes. Sunflower oil is considered one of the best and is full of vitamin E. However, it has higher sugar content compared to other oils.  Mustard oil is good to go in dry veggies. I, too, use it for stir fries. However, it has high uric content.  Rice bran is good to control cholesterol, as it has oryzanol - which is instrumental in breaking tr