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No Yeast Whole Meal Bread

oats bread As mentioned earlier, we are not buying bread for over a year, so I have experimented with a few bread recipes on my own. However, this time I wanted to include oats as well to give a healthier twist to our breads. Again, oatmeal does not disappoint. It's such a relief to find the healthiest of grains giving me the best results in bread making. This is a softer bread than my previous bread varieties - no yeast  ragi bread and whole wheat bread  no yeast. To enhance flavor, I have included garlic - so it is garlic wheat-oats bread without yeast. I also added fermented urad dal and oat meal batter, which is optional for this recipe. It was merely an experiment, and I am not sure if it did make any difference to the recipe. Let's turn to the recipe now: Atta Oats Bread Ingredients 1/2 cup- oats 1/2 cup- atta (whole wheat flour) 1/2 tsp- sugar salt as per taste 1/2 tsp- baking soda whey to knead dough (should be soft, but not too sticky) - whe