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How to dry green chilies naturally without sun | Travel Planning Series-1

 Unleashing the Hidden Dehydrator: Preserving Green Chilies with Your Fridge While travel planning often focuses on destinations and itineraries, a lesser-known aspect is utilizing your home resources for long absences. Here's a unique food preservation hack that leverages a readily available appliance – your refrigerator – to dehydrate green chilies! How do you dry fresh green chillies? How do you dry chillies naturally? How long does it take for chillies to dry? How do you preserve green chillies at home? The Unexpected Dehydrator:  Most people wouldn't consider their fridge a dehydrator. However, the cool, dry environment with consistent airflow creates a perfect low-and-slow dehydration process. The Green Chili Preservation Method: Harvest and Clean : Before your extended trip, pick your homegrown green chilies. Rinse them thoroughly and pat them dry with a clean cloth to remove any surface moisture. Fridge Tray Magic : Arrange the clean chilies on a tray that comfortably f