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Broken Wheat Recipe: Daliya Idli Toast

daliya idli toast Wondering how to cook broken wheat ? Here's a simple yet interesting way to include cracked wheat into your everyday meals. Cracked wheat benefits health in more ways than one. If you learn cracked wheat for weight loss recipes, then you are working toward a healthy lifestyle. Even I am a health freak. Here are some broken wheat benefits: Remember, the uncle next door for whom I had baked the suji mango cake ? The 80 +year old is fond of idlis. We came to know about it recently. So one day hubby offered to make idlis for him. This was the right time to make another healthy set of idlis. Yes, I have made daliya idlis many times before. But this time it was different. How? I have always been wanting to make idlis sans baking soda or any emulsifying agent. You know the reason already! So this was the right time, I thought to experiment with fermentation. I soaked daliya overnight and next day was able to make super soft idlis. The