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Ragi Chapati: A Nutrient-Rich Flatbread with Health Benefits

Ragi, a finger millet native to South India, is gaining popularity due to its exceptional nutritional profile.  Ragi chapatis, flatbreads made from ragi flour, offer a delicious and versatile way to incorporate this ancient grain into your diet. Beyond their taste, ragi chapatis boast a range of health benefits supported by scientific research. Here's a closer look at the science-backed advantages of consuming ragi chapatis: Promotes Gut Health : Ragi is a rich source of dietary fiber, a crucial component for digestive well-being. A study published in the journal "Nutrients" found a positive correlation between high-fiber diets and increased gut microbiota diversity, which is essential for optimal gut health. Supports Cardiovascular Health : Ragi is a whole grain rich in complex carbohydrates and low in saturated fat. Research published in the "European Journal of Clinical Nutrition" suggests that whole grains can help lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol lev

1 crazy way to use millet in your cooking is here

 1 crazy way to use millets in your cooking is here 1 crazy way to use millet in your cooking is here #shortsfeed In this video, we're going to show you how to make millet pulao, a tasty gluten free dish that can be enjoyed by everyone! This millet pulao recipe is easy to follow and will result in a delicious and nutritious meal. Whether you're looking for a quick and healthy meal or you're new to the gluten free diet, this is the recipe for you! Recipe for all millet recipes, always soak millets for 5-7 hours start with heating ghee and then tempering cumin, potato. cook and cover for a minute. now add boiled nutri and peas...cook covered for a couple of minutes before adding tomato puree blended with green chili and ginger... fry until the raw smell of tomato comes our flavor bomb..fresh coriander with stem....fry for a little before adding salt & turmeric along with a pinch of black pepper powder.let's add water and millet and pressure cook for 4-5